15 August 2012

restyle: nanna-fied

Top from Vinnies ($5.00) / Skirt from Red Cross ($8.00) / Belt from Good Samaritan ($2.00)
Pigeonhole necklace / ASOS socks / Mimi Loves Jimi boots

I've had the most delightful day, you guys! I caught up with a couple pals to see The Sapphires, which was just delightful. Charming and splendidly put together - easily one of my favourite films I've seen this year. (Go see it, srs.) Had a sneaky burger, got my fringe trimmed. (FEELS SO GOOD. You'll actually be able to see my eyes in tomorrow's photo and everything, it's going to be awesome.) The weather was exquisite, I dressed with the nanna levels cranked right up, and I plan to spend the rest of the evening jamming to some sweet 80s tunes while I get ready for the rest of the week's work. Pretty much a perfect way to spend a wednesday, no?

Also: props to Misty for taking part in some photos once again. This is the most enthusiasm she's ever shown for something Lisa-related. And I am a little obsessed with that last photo, her bitchface lessons are really paying off, huh?

Lisa xx


  1. omg how cute is Misty! Cute outfit too!

  2. I like how you can get the cat to be the perfect accessory. Very sweet.