08 August 2012

restyle: gingham darling

Top from Save the Children ($5.00) / Skirt from Save the Children ($5.00)
Forever New tights / ASOS socks / Mimi Loves Jimi boots

Today is a good day. I was up early to get these photos (I love that morning light), caught up with a uni pal to share the amazing, life-changing experience that is Superstar Waffles (oh MY GOD), finally got the oh-so-pretty dvds of my graduate film delivered and am currently sitting in the backyard soaking up this lovely weather with a cup of tea. And tonight I'm off to the Bakery to take photos of Jinja Safari. And and I get to do it all while wearing this adorable blue gingham skirt which I am 90% sure is homemade. Yes. Very good day.

Lisa xx


  1. Skirt with pockets! Cutie patootie!

  2. Gotta love those one-of-a-kind homemade pieces. You're looking lovely! :)