27 November 2011

the cat eye

This appeared to be a very strange tutorial (warning: it involves sticky tape on the face) but it got my previously unsteady hands to do a pretty decent cat eye, and now I am obsessed. And for those interested, I picked up this to do it with, which is incredibly easy to use. Aaand now you will never see my eyes done any other way. Hope that's cool.

Lisa xx

22 November 2011

lavender haze

Details of my beloved bookshelf, featuring an outdated magazine collection, my favourite shoes and an assortment of childhood books. Presented to you in a misty dreamy wonder.

Lisa xx

21 November 2011

my baby shot me down

A birthday present for one of my oldest friends. Bought from etsy shop Pettra, which specialises in jewellery made from natural stones adhered inside brass bullet casings. Bad ass and magical, all at once.

Lisa xx

17 November 2011

dear melbourne

I love Melbourne so I made a silly little video about this one time I went there. Enjoy!

Lisa xx

15 November 2011

shiny new old thing

Hey pretty things! Nothing brightens the midweek like a couple of vintage delights from the always agreeable City Song Vintage arriving in the mail - an 80s faux snakeskin shoulder bag and a sweet little navy clutch. Lurve.

Lisa xx

13 November 2011

hello hello

OH HEY YOU GUYS. Remember this lil' thing? I had to take a sizeable break while my life was swallowed by my final year of uni - but with that all set and done it's time to bring it back. Huzzahs all around!

SO yesterday afternoon was spent with delightful blogger babe Tara at the Beaufort St Festival where our eyes feasted on rack after rack of overwhelmingly quality vintage. Pretty dresses were bought, burgers were eaten, local culture was consumed and a rad time was had by all.

Revival dress / Minkpink sunglasses / Something Else by Natalie Wood bag 
Sportsgirl socks / Mimi Loves Jimi boots

Go visit Tara to hear her version of the day!

Lisa xx

12 June 2011


My new big ass grandpa cardigan. Keeping me cosy on a chilly sunday afternoon spent drinking tea, listening to the radio and catching up on work. My sundays have been so marvelous lately. I love a good sunday.

vintage cardigan
top by Bloch
shorts by Sportsgirl

Lisa xx

11 June 2011

gucci gucci

I've finally found it, you guys - the perfect way to spend a sunday. A group of rad friends, a porch and a vintage garage sale. Swaggin'.

Also! These are the first photos to appear here that were taken by my new canon 60d! I'm still getting the hang of it, but I think this could be the beginning of something wonderful.

Lisa xx

P.S. This song is freakin' addictive:

17 May 2011

go your own way

My current method of treating myself is by buying a new pair of socks. I think it's working out rather nicely.

Socks by Sportsgirl

Lisa xx

10 May 2011

let her dance

A few photos from In The Pines, which was a pretty glorious day - great music, great setting, great atmosphere and great people.

(More at my flickr.)

(Above photo by SixThousand.)

Vintage dress and cardigan
Bag by Sportsgirl
Shoe by Ollie Ollie (the sole fell off the other one - so devastated)

Lisa xx

06 May 2011

I saw her standing there

Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favourite things

Top by i.d.s.
Vintage skirt from the lovely The Velvet Bow
Shoes by Rubi

Lisa xx

31 March 2011

rolling in the deep

Thing I am more than ready for: winter. Or at the very least - a day that isn't a minimum of 30 degrees? Please?

Anyway, some cold weather goodness here with the style of Hanne Gaby Odiele and, uh, a bunch of dudes' feet. Nice feet, but.

All photos from the awesome STREETFSN, here and here.

Lisa xx