11 November 2010

Lost in the moment

Oh, hey. Remember me? I had this blog once that I used to update semi-regularly... that was nice. Let's give that another shot, shall we?

Dad: What's that? A bow tie? That's a bit odd, isn't it?
Me: BOW TIES ARE COOL. (I got to say it out loud!)

It's been ages since I've taken photos of myself and it felt a little weird to be doing it. Pretty sure I've become about 15% more self conscious for some reason too. But anyway! Uni is just about over for another year and I have a TON of spare time ahead of me and I'm really really looking forward to getting back into the whole blogging thing. Properly, this time.

So... what has everyone been up to?

Vintage blazer and bow tie
Shirt by American Apparel
Shorts by Cotton On
Socks from... somewhere
Poppy in my hair for Remembrance Day

Lisa xx