30 August 2013

how to: make a new home feel like an old home

Or: how to only take a photo of yourself doubling over in laughter because of a reason I can't even remember now

Ahoy from my new place of residence! I've officially adopted the hip inner city lifestyle and I gotta say, it's darn marvelous. Good coffee, food and a 24 hour supermarket all a pleasant stroll away? The soothing sounds of the train in the distance? My favourite cinema down the road? Leederville, you've got me charmed.

But this new house? We're still getting to know each other. Turns out moving is super weird! Because having a constant sense of 'home' is important for our souls, you know? And not everyone's brain can adjust to a new place quickly. So I thought I'd gather all the wisdom I've gained over the past six days and put together a wee guide.

So. How To Make a New Home Feel Like an Old Home:

1. Personalise.

Call me materialistic but physical possessions mean a lot - they help express who we are and what we like, they provide tangible objects to which memories and emotions can be attached, and they can help provide a sense of home. Example: the first thing I unpacked when I reached my new bedroom were my clothes, because duh, met me? And seeing an empty wardrobe transform into a full and colourful one felt pretty good. Then I arranged my books. And put up posters and art and photos. Laid out all my jewellery. And now this room feels more like me.

2. Have some quality bonding time.

I woke up for the first time in my new bed and I felt... awful. Just horrible. The most killer sore throat had found its way into me over night and I was sat there thinking, 'shit, I gotta take care of myself now? Girl's gotta source her own buttermenthols?' Correct girl. So anyway, fever-y and feeling pretty much braindead for most of the day, I got comfortable on the couch. Some excellent bonding time with the new place! I did not feel at all great, but I am totally bffs with that couch now.

3. Show it off.

Settled in? More or less? Invite friends over! Show them around, make them a cup of tea, have a good yarn in a new environment - as soon as you have to play good host and get your domestic on, I guarantee the place will start to feel more like yours.

4. Get drinking.

You know how when you're smashed everyone and everything is either your best friend or your worst enemy? Fingers crossed for the former.

5. Give it time.

So I've only been here just under a week, but with each new day everything's starting to feel more familiar. I can't wait to find out how it feels after a couple weeks, a month and more. And finally,

6. Spend some time away.

I think this will be the ultimate cinch. If you crash at a mate's overnight, or escape to the country for the weekend, or another city for a week - the moment you get back and collapse into your bed and soak into it's comfort... yep. That's when it's officially home.

That's just my theory! Got some advice of your own? Please share!

Lisa xx

22 August 2013

I'm not thinkin' about you

Ooh boy! I got a big couple of days ahead of me. Cleaning like crazy, packing up all my precious junk and moving out! (!!!!) I'm freaking out ever so slightly that there won't be enough room for all my coats and shoes, but mostly I am one hundred per cent super super excited. I think the first thing I'll do is drown the back yard in fairy lights.

So! To hopefully get you in as good a mood as I'm in right now, I need to share this ridiculous music video that I danced in a few months ago. Do you know what's a damn fun work day? Chucking on a bright pink crop top and a pair of silver hotpants, getting slathered in UV body paint and hula hooping amongst a gaggle of mythical creatures, fire breathers, superheroes and other delights. All in the name of Art and Good Times.

directed by Tara Fox / produced by Emilia Jolakoska / cinematography by Dave le May / edited by Dominic Pearce / 1st AD Lauren Cleary / featuring Ben Sutton / full list of credits on youtube

Friday tomorrow! Happy dances all around!

Lisa xx

20 August 2013

hug sized on tumblr

Hi hi! A wee lil note to let you know I've now got a tumbr to go along with this here blog. Somewhere to collect bundles of inspiration - street style, editorials, old photos, new photos, videos, what have you. (Ms Ringwald will undoubtedly be making many an appearance.)

You can check it out here.

Are you on tumblr? Leave a link in the comments!

Lisa xx

16 August 2013

opening ceremony x elvis

I am SO into this lookbook for Opening Ceremony's recent Elvis-drenched collection. Regular folk like you and me shot by Jamie Hawkesworth on the streets of Memphis looking ever so fly. Mixed with charming images from around the town (daggy-but-loveable community fetes, anyone?) I want to throw on a denim jacket, croon to my honey and grab a slice of pizza. Or a quickie drunken marriage. Love me tender, baby.

Check out the whole thing here, doll.

Lisa xx

14 August 2013

unzipper the strings of my kite

How's your wednesday going, amigos? Smashingly psychedelic? Good! Let's step it up a notch with a warm, shining set of photos taken for Les Sataniques earlier this year. And what a wicked day that was, seriously - throw a bundle of go go dancers in some beautiful vintage clothing, hand them a glass of sangria and stick them in the sunshine before a camera and you'll end up with nothing but madcap joy and frivolity. What a gaggle of show ponies.

Styled by retro extraordinaire Tia Marie of Swingin' in Space and Peggy Sue's and shot by king of the fish eye/ Les Sataniques favourite Gerry Mac of Groovetronematicmania Photos (best business name ever? Most probably.)

I can't even tell ya how much I love all these ladies. If you're a Perth kid get your rad self down to Deville's Pad and have a shake with us already!

You can see more photos and follow our weekly adventures on our facebook and see heaps of outtakes plus more of Gerry's stylish work here. I've also written a bit about our go go troupe before. Happy wednesday!

Lisa xx

12 August 2013

snapped by love thy muse

A slight little while ago (the bare legs kinda give away the pre-winter date this was taken) the ever so excellent and stylish Heidy of Love Thy Muse snapped a couple shots of me on a particularly girly day (so much pink!) and shared some darn lovely words (plus the rumour that I would be Sydney-bound post-London trip - but I can happily say I'm in Perth for a little while longer, turns out this town has a stronger hold on me than I thought!) Featuring probably my favourite jumper in the world and some of the comfiest heels I own.

atlas divine sunglasses / i.d.s. top / op shopped jumper / vintage skirt / sportsgirl bag / ASOS socks / novo heels

Check out the whole post with more photos here. Thanks for the love, Heidy!

Lisa xx

10 August 2013

grace + scarper: gold

How about it! Time again to share my love for all things Grace + Scarper. One of my favourite Perth labels, both to wear and to work with. I'm a big fan of the way designer Lisa Jefferson takes this feminine simplicity and gives it an edge, creating pieces that work equally as well by themselves or piled on top of each other. Since I've been gradually adding more gold to my life this year (gradually? Did I not have my body spray painted gold for a Goldfinger-themed routine at work a couple weeks ago? Can't really say something like that without a 'photo to come later'!) I've opted for a pair of shiny, warm-hued rings. Got my hands feeling ever so regal.

You can check out the online shop here (with some photos taken by yours truly) or a list of stockists here.

Lisa xx

Note: this is not a sponsored post.

06 August 2013

home is where my heart is

Listen up, y'all, this is pretty special. I'm so excited to be volunteering for Home Is Where My Heart Is this year - a terrifically inspiring project. It's no secret how powerful art can be as a means of communication, and how creating can be a therapeutic process as well. A talented group of youngsters have worked hard and are featured in the exhibition telling their difficult and very personal stories of homelessness through photography.

Opening night is this thursday, 6 pm and everyone is welcome. If you're a Perth lass or lad I totally encourage you to head down on thursday or sometime over the next couple weeks to check out what will be undoubtedly moving work.

For more info or to follow along, have a gander on facebook.

Lisa xx

02 August 2013

ride away with me

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN GREAT. Because I have a new possession in my life to treasure like no other - a new bike! I've been after a new one for a while now, and am so pleased to introduce this beauty into my life. I can't wait for the weather to warm up (though I realise it's hardly looking wintery in these photos) so I can take her to the beach, pack a wee picnic, visit friends, pick flowers, whatnot! My life is soon going to be a montage of picturesque bicycle romance.

Op shopped shirt / vintage skirt / ambra tights / ASOS socks / betts wedges
bike by reid cycles

Lisa xx

01 August 2013

restyle 2013

So it's been a whole year since 30 Days of Restyle! What a divine month last august was, op shopping like a mad woman and embracing the challenge of wearing purely thrifted clothing, with my fellow fabulous restylers for the good folk at Perth Fashion Festival.

Now it's time to follow along with a gorgeous new group of local bloggers! This year each lass is exclusively shopping and blogging for one charity, and there's a style prompt for every day (mixed prints, less than $10, etc.) Slightly more challenging than last year! But these ladies are going to do a most wicked job; I can't wait to see what they come up with. And as always, it's awesome to see such wonderful charities supported so enthusiastically (and so stylishly!)

Check them out, yo:

Brighita of The Kids Are in Trouble, for RSPCA

Angeline of The Love Thread, for Anglicare

Claire of The Harbour Master, for Vinnies

Happy restyling!

Lisa xx