29 June 2010

Laughing with

IT IS COLD. Has winter always been this cold? I could've sworn it was different last year...

But anyway... this is a pretty typical outfit for me at the moment. Jeans, flats, plain top and some sort of blazer-type thing. Casual wintery perfection.

I wore this to (FINALLY) see New York, I love you, which I enjoyed, but it left me feeling somewhat... empty. I had fairly high expectations (anyone who knows me in real life knows that I have a BIG crush on New York) and it didn't really live up to them. There was just something a little cold and disengaging about it. It didn't leave me with the warm gooey oh-my-god-take-me-to-New-York-NOW feelings I was expecting. But I did still enjoy it. What did everyone else think?

Top by Supre
Jeans by Grab
Vintage jacket
Shoes by Ollie Ollie

Lisa xx

26 June 2010

Lost coastlines

Guess who's back friends! Correctomundo! I had a downright lovely and amazing and rad time at Rottnest, it was exactly exactly what I needed. And having spent the last day or so recovering, I am once again all yours. Lucky you! Though I have to admit after bumming around for a week in jeans and plain-ish tops and cardigans and as many scarves/ beanies/ warm accessories as possible, it felt a little strange to be back amongst my wardrobe. So I sort of just threw on anything I could find. It worked?

It has been VERY VERY COLD these past couple days. Capitals VERY necessary. We antipodeans are into very super full-on winter now. And I love winter. The bits of winter when I am indoors and still have feeling in my extremities, that is. I can't wait to spend the next couple months being warm and cosy and tea-filled and bed-bunkered and scarf-enveloped. Mmmmmm.

Top (not really seen) by Bloch
Trousers by Temt
Blazer by Dotti
Scarf by Cotton On (I think)
Boots by Rubi

Lisa xx

20 June 2010

Addicted to love

This post may or may not be more or less entirely about my new beanie.

It's fun :)

Lisa xx

P.S. I'm going away to Rottnest for a few days (gotta celebrate my freedom, y'all!) and I shall be back thursday. Don't get up to anything too exciting while I'm gone!

White winter hymnal

Today was a good day! I spent the morning working and the afternoon shopping with my parents. So basically, as my brother so kindly pointed out, I spent the first half of the day making money and the second half spending it. Heh. Did I say I was trying to save money? Really? Oops. Ah well, clothing counts as an investment, right? They were totally all investment pieces.

I was going to dance around like a crazy person in my room taking photos of my fancy new things but then my camera battery died, so I just have this lot for now. But tomorrow! My camera will be alive and well! And I shall endeavour to take better photos. And maybe I'll ride my bike or walk to the park or something. Mmmm, yes, that sounds lovely.

The beanie I bought is AMAZING. It's so tacky and hobo-like and has a freaking pom-pom and I can't wait to wear it 24/7.

Lisa xx

P.S. HOW did I forget to mention that I finished my photography folio on time and handed it in and now I've finished uni for this semester and am freeeeeee!!! Til august, that is. But yeahhh freedom!!!

17 June 2010

You make my dreams

I have my last uni assignment, a photography folio, due tomorrow. WOO YES ALMOST FREE EXCITING. This is basically all that's been running through my head these past few days. Photographyfoliophotographyfoliophotographyfolio. Allow me to demonstrate...

...Yes I take breaks from working so I can bust out some radtastic dance moves.

Lisa xx

P.S. This is going to be exactly me tomorrow afternoon:

13 June 2010


I had so many plans today! I was going to go to the park and take photos of myself doing handstands and then ride my bike to the beach and then make cupcakes! But oh no! My stomach decided that it didn't really like me all that much so I spent the day in bed. Blah. I'm feeling better but don't have the photos I was hoping to share with you. So! Here are some pretty street style photos for all you pretty people out there...

(via Hanneli)

(via Jak & Jil)

Also, this:

Lisa xx

12 June 2010

Daydream believer

I bought a hat! I have decided hats are going to be my New Thing. Yes. They'll keep my head warm AND make me look all sophisticated-like. I can feel the suaveness coming on already.

Hat by Sportsgirl

Lisa xx

08 June 2010


Whoop whoop! Last week something very super special arrived in the mail - my Danny Brito badges! I'm a huge fan of his art so I (figuratively) leapt at the chance to buy a few little snippets of it. Could they be any cuter? The answer is NO, THEY COULDN'T.

Visit his site, BUY HIS THINGS. You know, if you like. You won't regret it!

Lisa xx

05 June 2010

thirty . may . twenty ten

Everyone together now: one... two.. three... HOORAY! That's right kiddos, uni's finished for the semester! This was probably definitely my favourite semester so far (good bye first-year awkwardness) but the work... the lack of sleep... VERY glad to be able to just relax for a little bit!

Last weekend I was good and took my camera with me as I journeyed around Perth so I thought I'd show y'all a little bit of my fair city...

Perth is rather photogenic :)

Lisa xx

03 June 2010

Bang bang bang

Today's been a most uneventful and dull day, but that's essay-writing for you. Photo-taking though is of course never dull, so here! Hooray! Some photos for you to feast your eyes upon!

Yeah... lots of photos. Heh, I couldn't resist.

Top and jacket by Cotton On
Jeans by Grab
Brooch by Daniella Rosen
Vintage bracelet

Lisa xx

P.S. A good song.