26 September 2012

pff: fashionably loud

What better way to spend a late friday afternoon than braving the wind and rain for a show that can only be described as the sartorial equivalent of sunshine? Fashionably Loud, styled by Zara Bryson and with live music from San Cisco, was a total blast.

Featuring absolutely perfect warm weather pieces, it didn't hold back on the bright colours, retro prints and, of course, a healthy dose of sequins. My personal favourite was those glorious yellow high waisted trousers you can see up there, but really I just want to fill my wardrobe with every one of those bold summer dresses.

Seriously, take a hint, wind and rain.

Complete album here.

Lisa xx

24 September 2012

pff: restyle on the runway

Eeeeeek, you guys. It happened! Restyle on the Runway was a total success. We were nervous as hell getting ready and waiting backstage but before we knew it Lollipop started pumping and the fun soon followed. Clothes all stayed on, no one stumbled, a grand time was had by all!

Mad props to the Perth Fashion Festival, Lotterywest, Lauren Wood, O'Dowd Christie and Blow Dry Bar teams for taking care of us and making us feel damn glamorous.

This has been such a wonderful experience and I'm pretty bummed it's all over. (I've already done the sappy 'WAHH IT'S OVER' post so I'll leave it at that.) But I've heard a few whispers that next year is going to be bigger and even better...

Lisa xx

19 September 2012

restyle wrap-up

Eek! I did mean to put this up a little sooner but life has insisted upon being go go go for the past couple weeks and so I'm just getting to it now. But hey, what better night for a 30 Days of Restyle wrap-up than the one before it hits the runway! So here are my 30 (minus one when I wasn't willing to brave the pouring rain for my usual gate snap) op shopped outfits from last month, presented in video form. Possibly the most narcissistic thing I've ever made.

Can you tell my favourite kinds of clothes are things I can jump and twirl around in? And that I love a nice high waist, and a pop of colour, and hanging out with my cat?

So what do you think? Which outfits did you dig?

And if you're in Perth and free tomorrow morning at 11 be sure to make your way to STM Fashion Central to watch us strut our hopefully-stylish-and-not-at-all-awkward stuff.

Lisa xx