31 July 2012

grace + scarper spring/ summer 2012/ 13

Well looky here! At last! It's the video for Grace + Scarper jewellery's Spring/ Summer 2012/ 13 campaign. I had so so much fun putting this together and it was completely fab working with designer Lisa Jefferson, model Lauren Haynes, stylist Emily Howlett and the rest of the talented crew. I really hope I have the chance to do more projects like this in the future. I hope y'all enjoy, and don't be shy to go forth and buy lots and lots and lots of pretty jewellery!

Lisa xx

30 July 2012

countdown to restyle

Not long to go at all until PFF and Lotterywest's 30 Days of Restyle kicks off! To get us all in the mood, here's a teaser video produced by the lovely Gemma Rule. Such a cute video, right? And why yes, those are my pins strutting across the screen in the first shot, as well as me laughing like a dork a few seconds later. Also I'm not sure who sings the song that's used, but it's super sweet and I don't really mind that it's been stuck in my head for the past week.

And as promised, a few behind the scenes snaps from that gloriously fun day...

(That last one was stolen from Tara I think.) My brain is not itself first thing on a sunday so I forgot to take my dslr along - hence all the instagram business - BUT a massive shout out to the Le Fanciulle ladies Steph and Trish who have been filling their blog with so much Restyle goodness, including spotlights on each blogger plus the amazing crew who put the whole thing together. The below picture is theirs, and be sure to trot along here if you crave some more My-Little-Pony-hair close ups.

Only two more days until the whole thing gets going! August is going to be hectic, in the best possible way. Being the organisational nut I am I've already catologued all the items I've bought and planned most of the outfits - you can tell I'm excited about something when there's cataloguing involved. Nerd.

Catch you for all that fab action soon! Eep!

Lisa xx

25 July 2012


I was ever so lucky to spend the past five days in Melbourne, soaking up the shopping, food, footy, beautiful streets and buildings as well as some quality time with my dad and nanna. Here's a little taste...

1. Bourke St in the morning.
2. Boosh coffee at Manchester Press!!!
3. Socks-tucked-into-pants weather.
4. Football! My beloved Geelong beat Essendon 134 to 67.
5. Beautiful blue skies above Port Melbourne.
6. An AMAZING pair of op shopped jeans from Hunter Gatherer.
7. Giant creepy baby chilling above Brunswick St.
8. Tranquil Queen Victoria Gardens.
9. Being a general loon in my hotel room.
10. Bourke St at dusk.

Stay tuned for another post featuring some instagrammed behind the scenes photos from the 30 Days of Restyle shoot, then I promise it's back to real proper photos (including some absolute gems I found during my Melbourne travels)!

Lisa xx

19 July 2012


...30 Days of Restyle! I could not be more excited about being a part of the Perth Fashion Festival's Restyle campaign with Lotterywest. They've got a group of ten ragtag Perth bloggers together and issued us with the challenge of having an op shopped-only August, to show y'all just how easy it is to dress stylishly while supporting a good cause and not going broke!

Basically our job is to spend an awful lot of time in an awful lot of op shops buying an awful lot of clothes so that for thirty days in August we have thirty unique, op shopped outfits. What a drag, right? JOKE! So be sure to check back every day in August for a brand new (but not too new) outfit. Also involved is Kim of Blonde Suburbia, Bonnie of Bonnie Friday, Tara of Gin in a Teacup, Steph and Trish of Le Fanciulle, Rachelle of Love From Shell, Heidy of Love Thy Muse, Sharon of Sass & Spice, L of Peanut Moonbeam Knickers and Ally of The Vintage Valley. What a bunch of babes! And by the end of the month we'll collectively have a monstrous 300 outfits! Can you handle that much thrifty goodness? I know I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

And how great is that photo up the top there? I think it just might be my favourite photo ever taken of me. Mad thanks to the wonderful and talented team who made us all look and feel so fine - photographer Penny Lane, make up artist Lauren Wood and her ladies, and the hair crew from Renos on St Quentin for L'Oreal.

Check out the website here as well as PFF's facebook page here for more details and to follow the campaign. And GET EXCITED.

Lisa xx

18 July 2012

grace + scarper

ring and bracelet by Grace + Scarper, ornament gift from my great aunt

Something new! I do love those words. But not as much as I love these pieces by Grace + Scarper jewellery. To me they strike a perfect balance between elegance and badassery (and if you know me then you know just how much I dig that combination). I shall definitely enjoy adventuring around with these on my hands, feeling ever so fine and ever so witchy.

AND AND it won't be long at all until my collaboration with Grace + Scarper for their Spring/ Summer 2012/ 13 campaign is released! It's a beautiful video showing off beautiful jewellery, and I can't wait to show you.

Lisa xx

Note: items were gifted in return for services provided to Grace + Scarper jewellery however this is not a sponsored post and all words are my own.

Oh and P.S. - a very, very awesome announcement will be made on the blog tomorrow. It involves lots and lots of clothes, and is lots and lots exciting...

06 July 2012

black boots

Mimi Loves Jimi boots / ASOS socks

I'm not normally one to be wise enough to invest in staple wardrobe items - I get bored by the term 'investment piece' (I really, really shouldn't) and instead buy things on a whim or distraction without thinking what I can wear them with. So I am very glad, and a little proud, that I forced myself to buy some black, slightly-heeled, just-plain-enough-to-go-with-everything boots. Because they go with everything! And they're comfortable! And classy! The combination of those qualities does not exist enough in my wardrobe.

Is this what growing up feels like?

Lisa xx

04 July 2012

national anthem

I like Lana Del Rey a lot but I'm no diehard fan of her music - I find her songs generally pretty hit or miss. But this - this for me is LDR at her best. I love the way she absolutely kills those retro vibes, while coating them in a thick layer of sadness and nostalgia. Gurl knows what she's doing. And how to look damn good while doing it, of course.

Lisa xx