18 July 2012

grace + scarper

ring and bracelet by Grace + Scarper, ornament gift from my great aunt

Something new! I do love those words. But not as much as I love these pieces by Grace + Scarper jewellery. To me they strike a perfect balance between elegance and badassery (and if you know me then you know just how much I dig that combination). I shall definitely enjoy adventuring around with these on my hands, feeling ever so fine and ever so witchy.

AND AND it won't be long at all until my collaboration with Grace + Scarper for their Spring/ Summer 2012/ 13 campaign is released! It's a beautiful video showing off beautiful jewellery, and I can't wait to show you.

Lisa xx

Note: items were gifted in return for services provided to Grace + Scarper jewellery however this is not a sponsored post and all words are my own.

Oh and P.S. - a very, very awesome announcement will be made on the blog tomorrow. It involves lots and lots of clothes, and is lots and lots exciting...

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  1. Love the bracelet. So pretty. Looking forward to your Restyle post!
    - Jenelle. xx