23 March 2013

urban couture: eclectori

A runway by the harbour? Pretty damn divine! Wednesday night saw the eclectori runway along the Breakwater Jetty in Hillarys, featuring a number of fantastic WA designers (Jessica Martino, Wild.Horses, Kim Barton, Peppermint Milk, On A Whim and Lonely 8-Bit Heroes) previewing their Autumn/ Winter collections. If Winter is coming, I don't think we have anything to worry about here in Perth.

Here were my favourite bits...

Peppermint Milk has taken a turn for the dark and I am so into it. The classic bodice and regal style is still there, now with some edgier cuts and more shadows lurking in the corners. And that black and gold print, oh MY. It's kinda Wednesday-Addams-goes-to-prom and damn if that isn't a vibe I want to get on board with so badly.

On A Whim doing what it does best - sweet lines, picnic-worthy dresses, a general air of equal parts cuteness, cheek and confidence. A perfect Autumnal palette, a charming amount of gingham and accessories to win any heart. AND CAPE. I need cape.

Oh my LAWD. Slap me into this please, drop me into a video game circa 20 ish years ago and leave me there to fight crime and break hearts. I feel like there's very little that couldn't be done in this get up. 

All of these delicious items will soon be stocked online at eclectori. The site is brim-full with local Australian designers - so worth checking out if you haven't already. (And they've free shipping within Australia! Raddest.)

For photos of Peppermint Milk at last year's Perth Fashion Festival you can head here, or here for On A Whim.

Lisa xx

17 March 2013

midnight snack

Holy smokes, I'm surrounded by some talented folk here in Perth. Delicious local artist Bonnie Boogaard has just opened her second solo exhibition, Midnight Snack, at Tú's Stairwell Gallery. Inspired by her love of food she explores the personalities, idiosyncrasies and dark habits of your favourite edible treats - in particular what they get up to while you're resting your head. Whimsy and wit abounds - plus the most charming collection of food related wordplay you ever did see ('swallow the leader', 'blood orange', 'banana split personality') - I'd love to see what it's like inside Bonnie's head for a day.

'Home sick' (above) is my favourite. That poor lil' slice of cheese.

Midnight Snack is running at Stairwell Gallery, nestled between  and Tea for Tú (have you checked that sweet little cafe out yet? So damn pleasant) until the 8th of April. Hop to it!

Lisa xx

12 March 2013

wedding day hues

photos by my pal Tim
vintage dress / Novo shoes

True love exists, you guys. I know that now. I laid eyes on this beauty in Retro Vinnies on William St (bless you, Vinnies) and life hasn't been the same since. (I'm not being melodramatic, I swear.) (I'm probably being a little melodramatic, but whatever, look how pretty.) A glorious 70s maxi in excellent condition, its glorious colours as bright as ever. Perfect for the wedding of some good mates in a beautiful garden nestled at the bottom of the hills.

I just want to twirl around forever.

Lisa xx

11 March 2013

urban couture: aperture and lace

The City of Joondalup's Urban Couture is now in full swing! I had my first taste of it at the preview of Aperture and Lace, a wonderful mixed media exhibition combining fashion, photography and wearable art, featuring some damn bright local talents. (I even ran into one of my favourite pieces from last year's Perth Fashion Festival - very top left - designed by Charissa Schlink!) I also very happily ran into blogger babes Sharon of Sass and Spice (above left) and Heidy of Love Thy Muse (above right), both looking stunning, no surprises there.

Aperture and Lace can now be checked out at The Blend(er) Gallery in Joondalup. Urban Couture runs until the 27th of March and there are heaps of rad (and free!) events, all the deets here.

Lisa xx

08 March 2013

bare that 'driff

asos top / op shopped skirt / Diva (I think) necklace / Isabella Brown heels

A day of hair doin', gift shoppin', bank visitin' and photo editin', followed by an evening at the Urban Couture preview (which was grand! Photos and deets to come.) If you're in Perth be sure to check out the program for the City of Joondalup's Urban Couture - there are some rad pop up events happening over the next couple weeks as part of the Joondalup Festival (and they're all free!)

And outfit-wise, it seems like I've gathered a fair few of my current obsessions here: midriff tops (I legit have a pile of old shirts sitting in my room waiting to be cropped - you better believe that post will be coming soon), turtlenecks (yeah!), black and blue, light curls, red wine lips. This weeks's guide to Lisa, basically.

Lisa xx

06 March 2013

a neat treat

I don't often get all domestic, but when I do, I like to think good (and/ or delicious) things come out of it. Like chocolate freckle hearts. Uh huh, yep. Did you know you can make these at home? Like, super simply? I did not. But I know now how to create the sweetest treat with, let's be honest, about the most minimal effort possibly required when it comes to sweet-treat-creating. This is all I could ever want from dabbling in domesticity.

You need:
20 g of copha
250 g of your favourite chocolate
as many 100s and 1000s as you desire
heart-shaped tins or cutters (or whatever shape you fancy!)

Melt the copha and chocolate over boiling water on a low heat. While it's melting line the tins with baking paper.

Once it's completely melted, use a spoon to fill the tins.

Refrigerate for at least an hour, then delicately remove freckles from tins. Keep stored in fridge when waiting to be eaten.

Done! Eat until you feel delirious and sick, or share with a loved one until you both feel delirious and sick.

Recipe adapted from Frankie magazine's Sweet Treats (totally my new favourite book).


Lisa xx

02 March 2013

on the road to esperance

ROAD TRIP. It's like, a summer essential, right? Of course it is. Armed with some excellent company, a dog, our cameras, as much music as we could cram onto our ipods and as many colourful pairs of shorts as we could fit into our duffel bags, some friends and I embarked on the eight hour cruise south east to the cosy beachside town of Esperance. (Praying we wouldn't want to throttle each other in the process - it's always a bit of a gamble, isn't it?) Tell you what, through modest country towns and some amazing landscape, with ice cream and posing-with-giant-ram stops along the way, the drive was pretty damn pleasant. Totally something I want to do again, and soon.

Have you ever done the road trip thing? How'd it go? (And plenty of photos from Espo itself to come!)

Lisa xx

01 March 2013

summer's end

Hey, here's a word: welp. ~Life~ got away from me a little bit this past month. Between working as much as I could and trying (and failing) to not become overwhelmed about the Big Life Shit I've got planned in a few months, I didn't leave much energy for my internet happy place. But that can happen. I think I've got myself somewhat together now, so let's have another crack at consistency, shall we?

Summer is finito, folks! Well, to an extent - I'm in Perth, so. The heat ain't leaving just yet. But there just isn't the same romance to 'long, beach-filled Autumn days' or 'mild Autumn nights under the stars', y'know? For another year, our favourite summer activities just won't be the same - chilling at the beach, late night swims, road trips, refreshing gin and tonics, frozen yoghurt, wearing bathers in public places, all that nonsense. So I've put together a bit of a So Long, Summer playlist for you. (Or if you're northern hemispherically inclined, a See You in a Few Months, Summer! playlist.)

1. Wait for the Summer by Yeasayer

2. My Heart is on Fire by Asta

3. Summertime by Sam Cooke

4. The Real Thing by Russell Morris

5. Shelter Song by Temples

7. Step Up For the Cool Cats by Palma Violets

8. Ghost Train by Summer Camp

What will you miss about Summer/ what are you looking forward to about Summer? (If anything?)

Lisa xx