29 April 2010


I'm OBSESSED with floaty skirts this week. That last photo is a fairly accurate representation of what my week has consisted of. Now how can I turn dancing around in my room into actual productive uni work...

Singlet by Cotton On
Skirt by Blockout
Jacket by LTB by Little Big
Belt by Jeanswest
Scarf by Dotti

Lisa xx

P.S. It's not too late to sign up for the art swap! Zap me an email if you're interested, homes.

27 April 2010

Heart of glass

I spent yesterday afternoon listening to old Blondie, Beach Boys, Peter Sarstedt and Beatles records while editing photos and eating ANZAC biscuits. In other words - BLISS.

...and of course I wore some pretty clothes!

Top by Rivers
Skirt by Jay Jays
Belt by Jeanswest

Lisa xx

P.S. There are still places left for the art swap so if you're interested let me know!

26 April 2010

Art swap!

 (Photo via Igor and Andre)

Feeling creative? Like getting pretty things in the mail? Then this Super Amazing Art Exchange (I may have embellished the title just a little) is the thing for you! (Dude, would I be perfect at marketing or what?)

Basically it involves creating something, sending it on to someone and then receiving a whole bunch of somethings yourself. You can draw, paint, take photos, write a song, sew, bead, thread, knit, create a comic, make a lil movie or choreograph an interpretive dance. Too easy, right?

If you're interested or want more details then shoot me an email at lisakyle91@hotmail.com :)

Get excited!! (I am! I spent the weekend taking what may just be the cutest photos of all time, printed them today and am going to send them off tomorrow. Yay!)

Lisa xx

25 April 2010

twenty five . april. twenty ten

I'm trying to get into the habit of taking my camera with me everywhere so here's some bits and pieces from my today! Featuring: a breakfast of ANZAC biscuits (I wasn't patient enough to take a photo before eating), heading to an antique sale at the Claremont showgrounds, wearing my poncho and awkwardly taking photos of myself (haha), buying a cuuuute little nautical-type bracelet and cherry-cola lollies. Yummmm.

Happy ANZAC day to any antipodeans reading and happy weekend to everyone else :)

Lisa xx

22 April 2010

Perth vintagey FUN!

I picked up this sweet sweet dress at a vintage sale in North Perth last Saturday! Yay!

And now I'm PUMPED because there's a lot of vintage goodness to look forward to in the next couple months...
  • Running this Saturday to Monday is the Claremont Antique and Collectors Fair at Claremont showgrounds. I've been to this one a couple times before and it's always top fun, there's a massive range - everything from your standard vintage clothes and accessories to really serious (and kind of weird) collector stuff (samurai swords or nazi propaganda anyone?) Stuff I've bought there in the past: a silk scarf, cameo brooches and old school Archie comics (damn straight).
  • Also on Saturday is the first of the monthly We Heart Vintage Market at the Flying Scotsman in Mt Lawley. A monthly vintage market? Yes please!
  • Pigeonhole's AW Fashion Launch is on the 30th of April at their Bon Marche arcade store - I VERY sadly can't make it to this one so please make me jealous and go! (And maybe buy me something pretty...?)
  • Vintage Vixens and Vamps is on the 23rd of May at Fremantle town hall and really, sounds nothing short of awesome.
Hooray! And can I just say... I LOVE how it's basically a necessity to have at least one cupcake stall at any vintage-type event these days. I fully support this trend.

Lisa xx

20 April 2010

A thousand miles

(I had some fun in photoshop...)

I've been a bit blog-absent as of late (sad face) so here's an EXTRA big photos-of-me-filled post for you! Hurrah!

So I've been fairly sick over the past week and while my cold's kinda sorta gone, unfortunately my voice is too. (Let's just say I've really been able to perfect my Batman impression.) But I don't want to babble on about my maladies so here are some good things that have happened. AND OH HOW SOME GOOD THINGS HAVE HAPPENED. So you know my ongoing love for ebay? Well that love is only fuelled when four separate purchase all arrive within a week of each other. And also when they're ALL AMAZING.

This awesome poncho is from Noir Ohio Vintage - it's basically like a big wearable blanket. Lurve.

Cool cool cool shirt from Rock Paper Vintage. It's already worn-in and super comfy; it's like wearing a big bad-ass hug.

Pretty fly blazer, also from Rock Paper Vintage.

Cuuuute lil' jumper from the always fantastic Twitch Vintage.

Lisa xx

15 April 2010

Dance alone

Ugh, the past three days have just been one big giant ball of Yuck. I have a cold, in other less nonsensical words. But I'm tired of it bringing me down so here's my List Of Good Things About Being Sick:
  • Being able to relax in bed all day
  • Lots of sympathy
  • Not being able to concentrate on, and therefore not having to do, uni work
  • Getting reacquainted with my giant teddy bear, and dressing him in dapper accessories
  • LOTS of tea
So that's all I can think of for now but clearly every gross tissue has a silver lining. Or something.

This is pretty much my 'sick uniform': old jeans, comfy top, big jumper (not seen) and, of course, teddy bear. Who says feeling poorly has to get in the way of sartorial goodiness?

I can't believe I actually took photos of myself. THE THINGS I DO FOR THE INTERNET, HEY?? 'Cos you're all so desperate to see pictures of me sick and all. I think I mostly just wanted to show off my teddy bear. So hey, here's a couple more photos of that... (you're welcome.)

(Non-germy) hugs for all!

White top by Rivers
Grey top by Glassons
Jeans by Supre

Lisa xx

P.S. Yes, I have a green guitar. Can't play it, never used it, pretty sure it's not even tuned. I can kinda be an impulse buyer sometimes. I'm trying to get better, I swear.

12 April 2010

I speak because I can

I've had the busiest weekend in forever (work/ studying/ drunken shenanigans with friends/ football/ dance competition - where did this whole me having a life thing come from??) plus non-stop uni today (where I got to play director in my TV studio class! Sitting in the control room! Telling people what to do! Pressing lots of buttons!) equals me very happy to be sitting back, listening to Laura Marling and looking at pretty pictures. Here's a few of them.. (Also well done if you were able to make sense of that paragraph - my brain's a wee bit fizzled at the moment.)

(Faboo by Michael Sakas and Michael Donnor)

(Fashion Toast)

(Emmanuelle Alt by Jak & Jil)

(Jak & Jil)

(The Photodiarist)

Lisa xx