04 April 2010

I know what I am

Easter break! Two weeks off uni, even though we've only had four weeks of semester so far - weird, I know. But hey, yesterday I slept in til 10:30 am and it was GLORIOUS so no complaints here. A breakfast of hot cross buns didn't hurt too badly either - how do I manage to survive eating them only once a year? Seriously. How. (I think I need to steal some from work to get me through the cold easterless months ahead - yikes.)

Anyway, this jumper - I bought it a few years ago when I was still at school basically because I thought it was so ugly, and therefore hilarious. Um, probably not the best way to go about shopping. I hated it for ages and have only recently started to revere it's awesome ugliness. (Thinking about that today made me realise just how much my taste/ style has changed in the last couple years, and I love how I now have this 'lil blog to document that change. I find it really interesting, because I think it's actually only partially my style that's changing, and more just me discovering what 'me' clothes are. Does that make sense? It's late.)

Also my bit of experimentation for today - socks and jelly sandals. This outfit really is all about the ugly, hehe.

Jumper thrifted
Shorts by Cotton On
Shoes by Sportsgirl

Lisa xx


  1. i love this look on you, super cute. Ill have to try rockin' this socks look with shorts too! xoxo

  2. ahhh you still look so adorable! the fact that the sweater isn't attractive makes it quirky. and you pull it off well :)
    and i'm so jealous. you get two weeks off for easter!!?? i get nothing off! hahaha

  3. loving the socks and jelly sandals combination :)
    you look gorgeous!
    great blog
    love your header
    thanks for the sweet comment!