19 October 2009

Alloo! Alloo!

(Title inspired by that episode of Friends where Phoebe impersonates the pigeon. Also I hope you like the fuzzy/ artsy out-of-focus photo. The fuzziness is a metaphor for something. Yo, is it just me or is this blog getting, like, WAY deep?)

Check my creativity with this outfit! The dress? Worn backwards. And that top? Actually a pyjama top. I wore it last night. Fashion!!

So my *thing* with this outfit is librarian-meets-fancy clown. Well, not really. I hate clowns. I just thought I'd look stupid if I didn't acknowledge that the frilly collar is slightly clownish. But the librarian inspiration is for reals.

* Dress by Valleygirl (thrifted)
* Top by Peter Alexander
* Belt by Cotton On

Lisa xx