16 August 2009

What I Wore - 16.08.09

I feel like I should be sipping lemonade on a farm in the heartlands (or is that just because I've been watching Smallville? Inspiration is everywhere, clearly.) But I'll settle for milo on my bed writing essays. Well, the milo and bed bit at least. (Also: extra photos! To make up for yesterday's pittance. And because I'm a camera whore. Whatever happened to my myspace...)

Um, confession. I actually stayed in my pyjamas until roughly 4 pm and then just threw this together. Sort of wish I'd had more time with it, though, it turned out surprisingly cute. Sigh.

* Top from Rivers
* Vest from Dotti
* Belt (not in view) from Cotton On
* Skirt from Jay Jays
* Stockings from Forever New
* Shoes by Heavenly Gaze
* Headband from Diva

Lisa xx