31 October 2013

perth gets special

Fast times ahead! There's a big bunch of fab events happening in Perth over the next few days and I couldn't help putting together a wee guide. Ready?

To start us off, here's a damn lovely way to spend a friday evening. Wander down to Flyrite tomorrow from 6 pm to enjoy some sweet wares and sick tunes. I'll be there with a few vintage and op shopped pieces to sell, along with a charming group of local bloggers. It's totally free and totally awesome. (And please come say hello!) Full details here.

Heading into the weekend, starting saturday is an incredible exhibition at the Western Australian museum - a 30 year retrospective of Aurelio Costarella, easily one of the state's most successful and influential designers. I'm heading over tomorrow for a sneaky gander before the exhibition opens so I'll be sure to let y'all know what's what - but I've a feeling all I'll be saying is 'amaaaaazing'.

Also filling up the weekend is a heap ton of art and zine goodness! Karys McEwen (you may remember me mentioning that name - she curated Bright Lights, Small City) is opening her first solo show saturday afternoon, that damn talented woman. Exploring love, sex, adolescence and friendship through collage, photographic and illustrative work, trust me, this is going to be good stuff. It's called Love and Other Indoor Sports (BEST - there's little I love more than a good Judy Bloom reference) and the arvo will also feature musical and spoken word entertainment. 2 pm at Common Ground's upstairs gallery.

And sunday! Aunty Mabel's Zine Distro is putting together a hell of a zine fair, Let Them Eat Zines. Featuring stalls from local and international artists, it'll be one big happy celebration of zine-making and DIY publishing. Plus there'll be lovely music. Plus there will be me, taking photos! 12 pm at the Perth town hall undercroft, all ages, free entry.

And finally, to celebrate Halloween the very best way you can in this town, head along to Devilles Pad this saturday night. If you're not familiar with a Devilles Halloween, basically - it's big. It's very big. And it's loud, and it's fun, and it's full of the best monsters you could spend a night with. I'll be there leading the screams with my fellow Sataniques, amongst all sorts of wicked entertainment. Tie that ripped up school tie, splatter on ya (fake) blood and head down early - did I mention it'll be big? Full details.

The next few days are going to be glorious, I can feel it! Happy (almost) weekend!

Lisa xx

28 October 2013

give me your tee shirt

This ought to give your monday a nice kick! Not long ago I did a wee bit of music video production design for local cool kids Axe Girl's new single, Give Me Your Tee Shirt. A job that primarily consisted of boobs-sourcing (a surprisingly difficult task). It's a wicked song, and the video result is super fun and super cheeky, and I hope you super enjoy it.

directed by Luna Laure / produced by Liam Murray / cinematography and post production by Antony Webb / full credits on youtube

Lisa xx

16 October 2013

charlotte olympia: the cat's meow

I've had a dark, teensy-bit-scary realisation, you guys: I don't own nearly enough feline-embellished clothing. I know. Bad situation. Sooo, if anyone's feeling particularly generous - a dashing tycoon or a bored mogul, perhaps, looking for something to do with their wednesday evening - these Charlotte Olympia beauties are my favourite things in the world right now. Ta?

Boots available here and flats here

What's catching your eye and refusing to let go at the moment?

Lisa xx

10 October 2013

love for we love perth

Oh boyyy. I have truly been embracing the hermit life like never before over the past couple weeks. And not by choice! I was struck down with a hella nasty virus and was forced to take a slight vacation from reality (worst holiday ever). And though I've caught up with basically every episode of every tv show produced in the past year and a half - it sucked. I missed out on work, friends' birthdays, speaking on a photography panel, art exhibition openings... bad timing or what, right? Being sick blows. But I'm no longer in pain, I can slowly feel my energy coming back to me and I am ready to jump straight back (gradually, while pacing myself - doctor's orders) into Life. So pumped.

Sooo to baby step back into the blogging portion of said life I just gotta share this profile delightful local site We Love Perth did on me the other week! They called me things like 'creative' and 'young lass' and the attention made me blush a whole lot. I talked about the sort of work I do, my involvement with Bright Lights, Small City and the things I adore about Perth. Oh shucks! Big big thank you to We Love Perth for, basically, considering me an interesting subject!

You can read the full interview here. And if you're not familiar with We Love Perth be sure to check out the rest of the site! It's updated constantly with events, places and people and is bursting with love for this sweet little town.

And P.S, Bright Lights, Small City runs for just a couple more days so if you're yet to check out that divine collection of talent, do so post haste! (Pretty please.)

Lisa xx