31 March 2011

rolling in the deep

Thing I am more than ready for: winter. Or at the very least - a day that isn't a minimum of 30 degrees? Please?

Anyway, some cold weather goodness here with the style of Hanne Gaby Odiele and, uh, a bunch of dudes' feet. Nice feet, but.

All photos from the awesome STREETFSN, here and here.

Lisa xx

27 March 2011

in the summer

I think Rubi might just be becoming my favourite shoe shop? Yes, yes I think that is what's happening. I couldn't resist these boots. They are just downright fantastic. (And they were bought back in february - so I can assure you my shopping-free march is going surprisingly well!)

Lisa xx

24 March 2011


I figured since it's uni that's eating up my life at the moment and not giving me much time to blog, I could at least show y'all something that uni's allowed me to do. So here's the music video for Georgi Kay's 'Lionheart' that I directed last year. It's preeeeetty much my favourite thing I've ever done, and Georgi is just damn wonderful. Hooray!

Lisa xx

12 March 2011

bliss release

So not long ago I posted about some Vena Cava finger bands that seemed pretty crazy cool, and when I found this elastic-present-ribbon-thing in the depths of my room I figured it wasn't a bad starting place to try and craft some of my own. And it more or less worked!

(And I couldn't resist turning the bow into a little ring as well.)

Lisa xx

03 March 2011

pursuit of happiness

It's totally normal to like the way a present's wrapped more than the actual present itself, right? It's my brother's birthday today and I accept all challenges to make anything as cute as it can possibly be. (The present, in case you're curious, is an xkcd book.)

The print is by Daisy Lane, found via Frankie issue 38.

Lisa xx