24 February 2011

diamonds on the soles of her shoes

backstage at Vena Cava by Shaun Brackbill for Dossier Journal

I'm not entirely sure what these are called. Finger bands? Mini rings? But it doesn't matter because they are genius cool and I'm crazy about them and I am definitely going to attempt to DIY some myself at some point.

Lisa xx


  1. I agree. Those "finger bands" are craazzy! I would absolutely love to own some. If you DIY, please post about how you did them, because I would love to as well!

  2. Wow amazing ! Definatley following!

  3. hmm.. i'm just wondering, do cute band-aids do the trick as well?

  4. I used to turn rubber bands into these 'finger bands' when I was younger, when my mom said I was too little to wear rings... well, THAT, and wetting colored pencils to paint my fingernails! haha yeaa I was a "creative" child :P

    :: Farrah @ DISTRIKMODE ::