28 September 2013

while you have light

Something funny about working in film... the editing process takes such a long long while that by the point it really starts to come together, stills start to appear and you (finally!) get to watch the finished thing, so much time has passed that it's pretty much like re-living the magic all over again! (Unless of course you're part of the post production team... in which case you've spent a long time in a small room with people you've developed strong and equal feelings of love and hate for, and are really just hoping to have held onto your sanity.) Lucky for me, costume gal, I'm currently sitting and enjoying the snippets of a short film I worked on at the end of last year, While You Have Light, start to take shape! I hear a viewing is not far off (SO excited) but for now shall we just enjoy some stills?

I had the most fun working on this film. It's a charming little devil - paper cranes come to life, lives are taken over by paper (literally), adventures are had and relationships are explored, developed and mended. Whimsy and heart to the max. Is that all you need in a pleasurable viewing experience or what?

And I got to rip up clothes and splatter them with (fake) blood! I gotta tell ya, that's a therapeutic activity right there.

But of course - it wouldn't have been half the excellent experience if it weren't for the wicked people doing their thing behind and in front of the camera - it's all about who you work with, am I right?

directed by Jenny Crabb / produced by Lauren Cleary / cinematography by Corydon Anderson / written by Chris Ardley / production design by Danae Blennerhassett / hair and make up by Kate Anderson

featuring Kiran Wilson / Meagan Taylor / Clem Littleton

stills by Matthew Casey

Yay movies!

Lisa xx

23 September 2013

polyester galaxy

Yikes! It's been a heckers couple of weeks! Perth Fashion Festival is all wrapped up for another year (how quick did that time fly, right? When you're having fun!) the Bright Lights, Small City opening last thursday evening had a hell of a turnout and was generally smashing, people are making and launching clothes and art all over the place, the grand final's fast approaching, it's all go!

And amongst all that beautiful madness my good pal Michael Trown snuck me in front of the camera for a wee bit of modelling for his label, Polyester Galaxy. And let me tell ya, a good time is one hundred per cent guaranteed when clad in his wears. All the 90s kawaii ravewear a kid could dream of. And that's what all our dreams are made of, right?

Everything pictured is handmade with love and skill, and totally for sale on etsy! And to keep up to date with all things Polyester Galaxy, check out facebook.

Lisa xx

18 September 2013

bright lights, small city

Well, this here is VERY exciting. Some photos of mine are in a real live exhibition! It's called Bright Lights, Small City and it's going to be wonderful. A great big group exhibition featuring photography, paintings, sculptures, mixed media and just about anything else you can think of by an eclectic mix of emerging Perth-bred artists. Curated by Karys McEwen, who is a real delight (and who I have actually collaborated with before, a very long time ago!) She's doing an excellent job, showcasing some real talent and celebrating all that is young and ambitious in this fine town of ours.

Taking over Buratti Fine Art Gallery and with every piece for sale, it's an incredible opportunity for local emerging artists and I'm super excited and thankful to be a part of it.

Perth I, one of two images I have in the exhibition

Opening night is tomorrow evening from 6 pm, with the exhibition running until the 12th of October.

There will also be a couple of artist talks - one focusing on artist-run initiatives and another talking about life as a photographer in such an isolated city (which I'll be speaking at!)

Full details of the exhibition on facebook.

High fives all around for local art love!

Lisa xx

16 September 2013

Tale of a Tall Fellow "The Hunted" Launch

Here's an up and coming Perth label you don't want to be skipping past! Tale of a Tall Fellow crafts some delightfully fine button up shirts for men, made ethically with love and wit. Last week saw the launch of the label's latest collection, The Hunted.

Local creative gal about town Di Nguyen, the brains behind the clothes, has teamed up with visual artist Josh Tavener (you might remember him from his beautiful China Doll exhibition I featured earlier in the year) to create some charming designs full of animals traditionally hunted for sport. Foxes, rabbits, you name it - and all original prints.

The dapper lads behind Seed & Sprout quenched the crowd's thirst for the evening. I loved their old school beer fridge, and I've a feeling it won't be long before you're seeing it all over town. The boys have a pozible running for their sick craft beer - show them some love!

Find out more about Tale of a Tall Fellow, including where to get yourself some sweet wears, right here.

Lisa xx

14 September 2013

perth fashion festival: desert designs

Really, look nowhere else for your next tropical holiday/ resort visit/ lazy summer day get up. Desert Designs brings ideal clothing for lounging around, minus the laziness. I'm totally digging those daring but playful prints, featuring artwork by late indigenous artist Jimmy Pike. Just gorgeous.

A big thank you to PFF for having me! You can check out the program here. There's heaps still to come in the next couple days, including a ton of free events. I'm getting pretty excited for Restyle on the Runway tomorrow!

Lisa xx

perth fashion festival: gorman

This collection is so up my street it's ridiculous. 90s nostalgia is clearly going nowhere (this makes me happy) with dress cuts that take me right back to my childhood (those waistlines! Pinafores!) Each piece rocked more than a hint of playfulness, but nothing lacked that typical Gorman class. Sharp knits, charming denim and those socks + heels combinations! So good.

Lisa xx

perth fashion festival: we are handsome

Last night I got to check out Perth Fashion Festival's National Showcase, featuring three wicked collections from We Are Handsome, Gorman and Desert Designs. Check out the first of the three below...

I don't know about you, but the idea of walking around with a great flamin' animal roaring on my chest is, well, totally awesome. We Are Handsome brought some damn perfect summer swimwear to the runway last night, showing us that fiery spirit the brand is known for. These bold prints demand attention, and so does anyone wearing them.

Lisa xx

13 September 2013

anya brock studio show

It's wednesday night. It's cold, raining and there a general air of misery - outside, that is.

Inside, tucked away in the heart of Fremantle's Pakenham Street Art Space, local artist Anya Brock is warming the world up one canvas at a time. I've been a fan for a while - her distinct style, use of colour and beautiful subjects are what I'd one day like slathered on the walls of my future house. So I obviously could not miss a studio show. Check out some of her uber delightful work below...

My favourite piece was the chick smack bang in the middle up there, because I too like to live my life as though I'm looking through palm tree-coloured sunglasses.

For prints, visit Anya's online shop and to stay up to date with her work and shows, check out her facebook. The hip lady's also on tumblr and instagram (anyapaintface).

Lisa xx

09 September 2013

a new space

You guys, I gotta tell ya what's put me in the BEST mood for a monday (aside from having five minutes ago just eaten the most delicious turkish delight at my favourite cafe) - so I totally learned how to swing dance last night! I joined my housemate at Swing It's free sunday evening Swing 'n' Soul at the Belgian Beer Cafe and it. was. amazing. Walking in to a room full of smiling and snappily dressed people dancing like crazy and all clearly having just the best time doing so was too rad to be real. The atmosphere was so inviting and full of joy - exactly how dancing the night away should be. I think I was hooked within the first five minutes.

A kind chap showed me a few basic steps and I joined in as best I could (which was AWESOME), but I'm going to hop along to my first official class on wednesday and I am SO excited.

Have you swing danced? If not, please do, seriously. I can't even tell you how great it'll make you feel.

Anyway! I snapped a few photos this arvo - couldn't resist - of my new digs! I gotta say, one of my favourite things about moving house has been decorating a new room from scratch. SO fun. This new little space is now so ~me~ it's ridiculous. Oh boy, I can't wait to do the same thing to a whole house one day.

Lisa xx