17 February 2012

betty blue

New hair and a new dress. To go with my new age! (I'm 21 now, you guys! Entering proper grown up territory!) Hair by superhero Bee of Peggy Sue's and dress by Kling courtesy of delightful online shop Pretty Dress.

Can I tell you guys a secret? That's not really a secret, just something I feel like telling you? So I'm not even sure why I prefaced with that? Anyway? I've always wanted a dress with a heart-shaped cut out. To the point where I've considered attempting some heart-shaped DIY. And me attempting DIY beyond handmade birthday cards is a Bad. Idea. Hence my glee when this dress entered my life in a whirl of light blue and polka dots.

This is a CUTE dress. Though super lightweight, which I fear may translate to flimsy after a lot of wear (but for now just equals 'good for summer!') However I wore it to my graduation and it survived that so perhaps it is stronger than I am giving it credit for. ANYWAY, THE HEART. AND THE DOTS. AND THE HEART. Have some photos of me enjoying said heart and dots:


Kling dress / vintage belt and shoes

Lisa xx

Note: Pretty Dress kindly gave me this dress but did not influence any of the above words.