31 January 2013

the first month

Well folks, we are full on heads-down-tails-up into 2013 and from where I'm sitting, it's looking pretty sweet. So far this year I've costume designed a short film, settled into a cosy office job for some extra coin, road tripped it to Esperance, turned 22, taken photos, drunk muchos wine, danced manically (and often) and managed to somewhat-regularly keep this ol' thing updated. Not bad?

Here's a taste of some of that via the love of my life, instagram:

Appropriate wrap party accessorising / a new favourite record
Our divine city / amazing Love Thy Neighbour french toast

Casual friday selfie / Beverly Hills 90210 drinking game with Tara
Typical Devilles decor / the road to Esperance
Twilight Cove with the loveliest people / a beautiful Esperance night

Keeping myself amused / new birthday turntable (!!)
Some soul-soothing crafting / editing photos for Urban Walkabout over brunch at the Daily Planet

How's the first twelfth of your year been treating you?

Lisa xx

27 January 2013

the burning kiss

About this time last year I was super lucky to work as a wardrobe assistant on a feature film for the first time, The Burning Kiss. Coming straight out of uni it was the biggest production I'd worked on up until that point and it was such a great experience, with a rad group of hard-working, passionate people. And the clothes! Oh boy, the clothes. Wait til you see 'em. But until then, a few teaser photos are beginning to emerge (and they're getting me even more excited to see the final product). I just had to share a few...

Photos by Jesse Collins (bottom image screenshot)

"It's been six long years since the hit and run incident that put disgraced former detective Edmond Bloom in a wheelchair and killed his wife, Juliette. With the killer never identified, Edmond spends his days pouring over clues under the care of his submissive 20 year old daughter, Charlotte, whom he indirectly blames for the accident.

What an achievement it would be if he could catch his wife's killer from the confines of his wheelchair?

On a hot summer's day, a broken and remorseful stranger appears claiming to be the driver of the car six years earlier, begging Edmond for forgiveness or punishment. It seems the killer is revealed; case closed. The problem is, Edmond didn't catch him and there's no way six years of hard detective work were all for nothing. Instead of seeking retribution on the guilty party, he concocts a selfish and dangerous plan involving himself, the stranger and his daughter. Sun-bleached shadows loom over the three as the plan spirals out of control."

Head here for more info and news about the film.

Lisa xx

21 January 2013

looking up and looking down

Photos taken at Araluen, last may.

I'm in my final week of being 21! And although it's not letting me go easy (oh boy, no) I am so happy with where I am right now and where I'm headed.

My head is in the clouds, my feet are on the ground.

Lisa xx

20 January 2013

rebecca minkoff pre-fall 13

I'm currently sitting in the hallway of an office building in the CBD, 24 floors up, mooching off some dude's unprotected wifi (cheers bro) and drinking the best damn coffee I've had in weeks (or, uh, the only damn coffee I've had in weeks - I've missed this stuff) as the film I'm currently working on powers through this fine sunday afternoon. With some time to kill before the next costume change (this job - most film jobs, really - is packed full of lots of glamorous waiting around) I just had to share my love for this collection.

photos via style.com

Rebecca Minkoff was absolutely my favourite to come out of pre-fall 13. Oh boy. So good. The carefully distressed leather and denim, perfect autumn shades, layers building those strong and feminine silhouettes. And to top it off, inspiration was primarily drawn from Amelia Earhart - so cool.

I would wear any of these pieces in a heartbeat. And pack the rest of them into a suitcase, find a plane and fly around the world, having the best-dressed adventures a lady could have. (But um, hopefully without disappearing in the process.)

What was your favourite pre-fall collection?

Lisa xx

17 January 2013

sweet red

Oh hey, real world.

I took a slight break from that ol' thing to road trip (!!!) it down to Esperance for a few days with some lovely friend folk. It was a damn good time full of adventures and exploring, muchos food, fab company and legit, legit the most beautiful beach I've ever been to, in the world, ever. Photos to come, just you wait.

And duh, of course, no trip to a country town is complete without a visit to the local op shop, where I picked up these sweet loafers (something I've been after for a while!) Cheers, Espo. So today - trying my hardest to switch off my brain's holiday mode - I upped the red for a day spent catching up on emails, organising work and enjoying a costume meeting for the short I'm currently working on (half of which is being filmed in a building in the CBD 23 floors up - more than a little excited, I must say).

vintage dress / sportsgirl earrings / olga de polga socks / op shopped loafers

At the risk of sounding like facebook's nosy status bar - what have you been up to?

Lisa xx

11 January 2013

china doll

A very talented pal of mine has just put together his first solo exhibition, China Doll, at Tu's rather charming Stairwell Gallery. Driven by his love of fashion photography, Joshua Tavener has taken images from editorials and transformed them into some pretty stunning watercolour portraits. I stopped by the launch on wednesday evening and snapped a few photos...

China Doll runs until the 8th of february at Stairwell Gallery (located at the back of Tu, William St.) Be sure to check out the whole thing if you're in the area - it's more than a bit delightful.

Lisa xx

09 January 2013

go go with les sataniques

Photo by Shaun Ferraloro

So y'all know my alter ego, right? Hip-twistin', head-shakin' go go dancer Lisa? I've been lucky to be a part of Les Sataniques for just over a year now - Perth's premier go go troupe who call Deville's Pad home and perform there every weekend, going wild on stage and in the cage. Basically I get to hang with truly the greatest group of ladies and dance to the raddest range of music and call it work. (I pretty much fall more in love with it with every week, because obviously.)

And now we've just launched our own facebook page so there's a place to keep up to date with our devilish photos, sizzling videos and exciting news of upcoming shows. Of course it's got nothing on coming down to the Pad and seeing us shake all over in person, but you need something to keep you occupied sunday to thursday, right?

Oi, and look at the babes I get to work with! And this is just standing still...

Photo by Johnathan Trask

Jump up and follow our adventures! 

Lisa xx

06 January 2013

the kid's in america

SO. Wildfox took on Clueless for its Spring '13 collection, and the lookbook is AMAZING:

Man, I freakin' love it when designers and creatives draw inspiration from cult teen movies. For real one of my favourite things. And Wildfox have basically recreated a good chunk of Cluless through still images. And the casting, the composition, the locations, the colours. Nailed it. That last photo in the car just gets me, pretty sure it's going to be my desktop background for the next few months. Check out the whole thing, srs.

Lisa xx

04 January 2013


Ahoy hoy! Exciting thing! I offer to you the official music video for San Cisco's Reckless, which I worked on last year as Costume Lady. This was a total joy to work on, with lovely people and lovely clothes (massive cheers to my pal Michael for letting me raid his wardrobe). Watch away!

directed by Melissa Smith and Aimee-Leah Gellard / produced by Liam Murray / cinematography by Kristoffer Myhre / edited by Sabrina Reil / featuring Steve Madsen, Shannen Chin-Quan and Henry Hammersla

Lisa xx

03 January 2013

adventures in alice springs

Second last photo taken by Tess.

More photos here.

In June last year I was lucky enough to travel to Alice Springs with one of my oldest friends and one of the most talented people I know, Tessa McOnie, to take photos for her to work from to put together her next exhibition. I can't release those images just yet, but I wanted to share a few of the photos I took during the rest of our trip. It's an absolutely stunning part of the country that I'm so grateful I got to spend time in. And there are so many details and memories I'll hold onto for a long time. The colours, for example, were incredible - getting up before dawn and seeing the contrast of the vivid red ground and the crisp blue sky as the sun rose over the rocks - just beautiful. Only beaten by sitting back and watching the sun set over Uluru. That was breathtaking. Definitely recommended. And spending our final evening sitting in a dried-up gorge, drinking wine and eating chocolate as stars and bats appeared between the rocks above our heads. NT, you're pretty special.

Lisa xx

P.S. Hug Sized has been given a makeover! A much, much needed one. Hope ya dig.

01 January 2013

hello twenty thirteen

Hey there, new year! Boy, am I excited for you. Above is the first video I watched this year, and coincidentally features my first hero of the year. Such a rad chick.

And while browsing people's musings on 2012 and goals for 2013 (I'm a sucker for all that stuff), these notes from graphic designer and illustrator Kat Mills stuck with me:

"Accept most of the invitations you receive. The stranger, the better. Unless it sounds really boring. Don't waste your time on boring things or boring people or shitty people or flaky people. Treat the cultivation of friendship with the same sense of duty and obligation that you give any other project, especially when you've just moved to a new place and have zero friends. It's important. You feel all noble when you skip hanging out with people in order to stay in and get work done, right? Do the opposite sometimes, too."

So you guys. Let's not accept any bullshit this year. Let's be kind to people. Let's dress to have fun. Let's not give a shit. Let's dance to celebrate, let's dance to release frustration, let's dance for the hell of it. Let's grab opportunities and refuse to let go. Let's trust our judgement. Let's not be ashamed of any music, tv shows or movies we enjoy no matter how 'guilty pleasure' they are - we enjoy them and that's enough. And most of all - let's go hard. Work hard, play hard, chill hard. Let's give 2013 all we've got.

Lisa xx