09 January 2013

go go with les sataniques

Photo by Shaun Ferraloro

So y'all know my alter ego, right? Hip-twistin', head-shakin' go go dancer Lisa? I've been lucky to be a part of Les Sataniques for just over a year now - Perth's premier go go troupe who call Deville's Pad home and perform there every weekend, going wild on stage and in the cage. Basically I get to hang with truly the greatest group of ladies and dance to the raddest range of music and call it work. (I pretty much fall more in love with it with every week, because obviously.)

And now we've just launched our own facebook page so there's a place to keep up to date with our devilish photos, sizzling videos and exciting news of upcoming shows. Of course it's got nothing on coming down to the Pad and seeing us shake all over in person, but you need something to keep you occupied sunday to thursday, right?

Oi, and look at the babes I get to work with! And this is just standing still...

Photo by Johnathan Trask

Jump up and follow our adventures! 

Lisa xx

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  1. Looks like a ton of fun!! Great blog, I like your style! xoxo