01 January 2013

hello twenty thirteen

Hey there, new year! Boy, am I excited for you. Above is the first video I watched this year, and coincidentally features my first hero of the year. Such a rad chick.

And while browsing people's musings on 2012 and goals for 2013 (I'm a sucker for all that stuff), these notes from graphic designer and illustrator Kat Mills stuck with me:

"Accept most of the invitations you receive. The stranger, the better. Unless it sounds really boring. Don't waste your time on boring things or boring people or shitty people or flaky people. Treat the cultivation of friendship with the same sense of duty and obligation that you give any other project, especially when you've just moved to a new place and have zero friends. It's important. You feel all noble when you skip hanging out with people in order to stay in and get work done, right? Do the opposite sometimes, too."

So you guys. Let's not accept any bullshit this year. Let's be kind to people. Let's dress to have fun. Let's not give a shit. Let's dance to celebrate, let's dance to release frustration, let's dance for the hell of it. Let's grab opportunities and refuse to let go. Let's trust our judgement. Let's not be ashamed of any music, tv shows or movies we enjoy no matter how 'guilty pleasure' they are - we enjoy them and that's enough. And most of all - let's go hard. Work hard, play hard, chill hard. Let's give 2013 all we've got.

Lisa xx

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