04 June 2013

jiggity jig

Home again! Literally, figuratively, what have you. I've just spent a glorious three weeks in London, dancing and shopping and photo-taking and adventuring and drinking and chilling and cupcake-binging. I came back with dresses, coats, hats, records, wedges, earrings, magazines, a candy bracelet and a tattoo. And of course, many a story to tell. Not sure where to start, to be honest! (Though as I was reminded on the plane ride home by the ever wise Julie Andrews, 'the very beginning' is often the best place to do so.)

And so how about with a few snaps from the reason I was over there in the first place - Hipsville Party Weekend? Go go boots on, hypothetical fringe flying high, the legend of Les Sataniques to spread - my partner in crime Tia-Marie-a-go-go and I shook and shimmied all weekend. We met (and subsequently fell head over heels with) our English doppelgängers, The Meyer Dancers, as well as incredible bands, djs and a ragtag bunch of local charmers. And of course the talented Rob Blackham who was kind enough to follow a gaggle of go go dancers around for a night and capture some unbelievable photos...

Tia Marie and I tearing it apart!

The magnificent Meyer Dancers, Cherry and Treacle

Our new international go go family!

MUCH more to come, oh boy.

Lisa xx