24 February 2011

diamonds on the soles of her shoes

backstage at Vena Cava by Shaun Brackbill for Dossier Journal

I'm not entirely sure what these are called. Finger bands? Mini rings? But it doesn't matter because they are genius cool and I'm crazy about them and I am definitely going to attempt to DIY some myself at some point.

Lisa xx

23 February 2011

where do you go to (my lovely)

A scriptwriting session at the Moon over chips and chocolate dessert pizza with a couple of uni friends = pretty much a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Delicious and productive. Two of my favourite adjectives.

This necklace was a birthday present from one of my best friends that she bought it at a market in Bali. I love it. So much cute.

Top by Supre
Shorts by Sportsgirl
Vintage sunglasses

Lisa xx

21 February 2011

picnicn' with the bloggers

So! Yesterday afternoon was spent at a picnic in Kings Park for Perth fashion bloggers organised by the wonderful Jessie of The Velvet Bow and Jacqui of Don't You Know April Rose. And it was pretty damn delightful. Everyone was beyond lovely, and it was great be able to associate faces with blogs, as well as meet a bunch of new bloggers. And just to be able to talk about fashion and blogging with so many passionate people was fantastic; it's not something I get to do very often. I can't wait for the next event, and to see everyone again.

Great blogger I am though, I completely forgot to get a photo of my outfit, so... if any decent outfit-y photos of me turn up I shall be borrowing them.

Lisa xx


Red, white and denim. Never feels wrong.

So yesterday I attended the Perth fashion blogger meet-up and it was all kinds of lovely. Photos and details to come very soon!

Lisa xx

I can't get this song out of my head:

Just remember to fall in love. There's nothing else.

18 February 2011

we get on

If I were to get my hands on any of these, I would be very very content indeed. I think my life is in need of some spaced-out mad velvet-y vibes, yes?

bathers by Black Milk

moonwalker / pulp sesame / sunset

Lisa xx

08 February 2011

come talk to me

...So I think I should just go out and say that these are two of the most amazing pairs of sunglasses in the whole world and leave it at that? I feel like that's all that really needs saying, you know? Cool.

I kind of can't get over how ridiculously rad they are.

Bought here.

Lisa xx

04 February 2011

ambling alp

Obsession of the moment: vintage cotton button-up shirts. Puffy sleeves, frilly collar and stripes not essential, but ideal.

Vintage top and badge (worn as necklace)
Skirt by Sportsgirl

Lisa xx