29 May 2010


There were a couple of days during the week when it just rained nonstop and basically, it was perfect. This is my weather, people. Even though I had to be good and inside and studyish I couldn't resist dancing outside in the rain for a little bit. Lisa's Cosy Rainy Outfit Essentials: beanie, scarf, big ol' jumper and ugg boots. And of course a pretty umbrella. Rain on!

Vintage jumper via Twitch Vintage
Jeans by Grab
Beanie by Cotton On
(Super super old) scarf and ugg boots by Jay Jays (almost all the best components of a cosy outfit are old)

Lisa xx

26 May 2010

Drunk girls

I began my week by painting my nails. Nothing can go wrong now! Hope you're all having a superb week :)

Lisa xx

P.S. LCD Soundsystem's Drunk girls is pretty much the greatest and danciest song at the moment.

21 May 2010

In the sun

I was going to take photos of my outfit today (my ugly jumper + grey socks + high waisted shorts = it was cute, you'll just have to take my word for it) but my body kept begging me to take a nice hot shower and hop into my pyjamas so I did that instead. Oops! So here's a photo of me in my pj's (at 9pm on a friday night... WHAT A LIFE) plus some things that might hopefully happy up your friday.
  • The video for In the sun by She and Him:

  • I think this girl needs to become my life coach or something:
  •  The 40s will teach you how to be popular!

  •  I'm really looking forward to when this comes out:
  • Google teacup pigs. Seriously, it's the best decision I've made today. Go on, do it.
Have a wonderrrrful night!

Lisa xx

19 May 2010

I think ur a contra

The next two and a half weeks are going to be Stress. Ful. End of semester, mountains of assignments are falling from the sky, you know the drill. But at least I can spend it wearing pretty clothes! I forgot for a little while how much I like tights and shorts. Got to stock up on some more tights for the long, harsh, unkind-to-bare-legs months ahead.

Top by Dotti
Shorts and tights by Sportsgirl
Jacket by Cotton On
Shoes by Ollie Ollie

Lisa xx

P.S. Maybe the worst thing about life at the moment is I have less time to read all your lovely blogs. My bloglovin' unread count is getting higher each day and it's starting to scare me a little bit. Total sad face! But I VOW to catch up on every one of them. Eventually!

16 May 2010

Groovin' the Moo

My weekend was spent in a little (and yet surprisingly easy to get lost in) town called Bunbury at a music festival called Groovin' the Moo. Weird name? Hell yes. Weird festival? Hell to the no. It was nothing short of fantastic. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with festivals but in the end it's always the great company, awesome music, crazy camping adventures and even crazier dancing that stays with me. No difference here :)

Jonathan Boulet / Lisa Mitchell / Miami Horror / Spoon / Vampire Weekend

(Lots of Vampire Weekend because they're amazing and I love them.)

Lisa xx

13 May 2010

Anyone else but you

My nanna went to Dongara a couple days ago and brought back this weird holey shell. She knew one of her crazy granddaughters could easily wear it as a ring and I'm VERY glad I got to it first. Shell rings = just about the weirdest and coolest thing ever, right? I'm totes gonna make this a trend.

Lisa xx

12 May 2010

On wednesdays we wear pink

This outfit probably couldn't be further from Mean Girls-esque but the title's too good to resist, right? Maybe if Mean Girls was set in a library. Starring nannas. Who I'm sure would be equally bitchy. Anyway.

Lots of silly dancey jumping-around photos for you! Yay! I was in an especially jumpy mood today. (And that last photo was DIFFICULT. I take all my photos with a self-timer and took about five photos of me landing weirdly or with one leg in the air until I got this semi-decent one haha.)

Vintage dress from Lala Orange
White top by Supré
Cardigan by Cotton On
Tights by Forever New
Scarf by Jay Jays

Lisa xx

09 May 2010

Moths wings

Basically new shoes = happiness. Fact. I've been after some brogues for the longest time ever so stumbling across these was nothing short of awesome. They're from Olive (Plaza arcade, Perth) - a shop I normally walk straight past. Won't be doin' that no mo'.

Lisa xx