26 May 2010

Drunk girls

I began my week by painting my nails. Nothing can go wrong now! Hope you're all having a superb week :)

Lisa xx

P.S. LCD Soundsystem's Drunk girls is pretty much the greatest and danciest song at the moment.


  1. aww i haven't painted my nails in forever. i love the color you chose :)

  2. I'm dying over that music video, freakin' crazy!!! Totally pop-tastic yet so disturbing. I can't tell if it had a lot of references or if I'm reading too much into it.. Have you ever seen the movie The Doom Generation? Anyway, it reminds me of the end :)

  3. Ohhh impressive you can actually properly paint your nails...mine look like I paintballed them HAHA

  4. aww!! lovingg the nail polish colorr :))

    secret of life

  5. Nice colour. I painted my thumb nail today. That's it. Wish I could commit more but with a one year old it will just lead to scuzzy chipped nails for weeks on end while I forget to remove the polish!!

  6. LOVELY! that so reminds me, I need to paint my nails soon too! eep! I can't go anywhere without my nails painted, I have now gotten to the feeling of them being naked haha.