12 May 2010

On wednesdays we wear pink

This outfit probably couldn't be further from Mean Girls-esque but the title's too good to resist, right? Maybe if Mean Girls was set in a library. Starring nannas. Who I'm sure would be equally bitchy. Anyway.

Lots of silly dancey jumping-around photos for you! Yay! I was in an especially jumpy mood today. (And that last photo was DIFFICULT. I take all my photos with a self-timer and took about five photos of me landing weirdly or with one leg in the air until I got this semi-decent one haha.)

Vintage dress from Lala Orange
White top by Supré
Cardigan by Cotton On
Tights by Forever New
Scarf by Jay Jays

Lisa xx


  1. These shots looked so cool as I scrolled down the screen with my keyboard! It was the perfect spacing to make it like a digital flip book.

    Cute outfit too, of course!

  2. good work on the last pic. It is frickin awesome!
    And I would like to see the nanna version of mean girls...