19 May 2010

I think ur a contra

The next two and a half weeks are going to be Stress. Ful. End of semester, mountains of assignments are falling from the sky, you know the drill. But at least I can spend it wearing pretty clothes! I forgot for a little while how much I like tights and shorts. Got to stock up on some more tights for the long, harsh, unkind-to-bare-legs months ahead.

Top by Dotti
Shorts and tights by Sportsgirl
Jacket by Cotton On
Shoes by Ollie Ollie

Lisa xx

P.S. Maybe the worst thing about life at the moment is I have less time to read all your lovely blogs. My bloglovin' unread count is getting higher each day and it's starting to scare me a little bit. Total sad face! But I VOW to catch up on every one of them. Eventually!


  1. can I just say, I love checking put your posts, because your photos always make me smile. I think they are great!
    And I hear ya with the unread count on bloglovin'...hearing ya for sure....sigh...

  2. cute top.cute short.cute tight.cute shoes.omg u also cute.hehe:D
    love overall:)

    oh thanks visit my blog and ur comment =,=


  3. Amazing outfit! :)


  4. HAHAHA oh god my bloglovin got to 500 + recently...I was like I AM SORRY I HAVE A LIFE