05 May 2010


So I sorta kinda bypassed uni yesterday. I made it as far as the city, but was feeling super tired and a bit ill so just didn't go any further. I ended up getting comfy at Dome for a couple hours and got some very important coffee-drinking, magazine-reading and notebook-writing done. And! And!!! I bought this Sportsgirl bag (which in my defence will be used for uni)! And issue ten of Lula! Sounds like a nice productive afternoon to me :)

Lisa xx


  1. I love Lula I got my issue (but with a diff cover) from a penpal in England who sent me a copy when I couldn't get a copy 'ere! T'was lovely! & that bag is just gorgeous! :)

  2. I heart your afternoon! I wish I could do that and skip work.....hmmmm, maybe I can...
    That bag rocks by the way.

  3. haha, sounds like my kind of day!


  4. I love that bag, it's a cross between Miu Miu from a few seasons ago and this season's Pucci it bag.

  5. Those kinds of days are just good for the soul. I'm sure you will have a much more productive week now because of it.