30 October 2012

pretty dress: style it

Pretty Dress asked me and a bunch of other fab local bloggers (Gin in a Teacup, Friday's Kid, Distrikmode, Love From Shell, The Vintage ValleyEthereal Reality and Lady Lace) to each style this rather lovely Annie Greenabelle dress. Too easy! I thought it would be the perfect companion for this amaaaazing flower crown a friend recently made for me - it all feels very pure and magical and perfect for spring. A crisp white dress and a heap of flowers upon my head - might just make this my Official Spring Uniform. So like, please invite me to all your picnics so I can come along, dance around like a wild pixie creature, forget I'm a grown up and embarrass you a lot, probably. (I do come with cupcakes, though.)

Thank you muchly, Pretty Dress! You can check out their sweet range of dresses here and their facebook here.

Dress by Annie Greenabelle
Sandals by ASOS
Flower crown by an amazing friend
Assorted rings by Grace + Scarper, my childhood and the lost and found box at work

Lisa xx

P.S. This dress was a gift from Pretty Dress but all words and opinions are my own.

13 October 2012

who even are you?

Well! It seems with all this Restyle and Perth Fashion Festival business quite a few new people have found their way to my little corner of the internet. Thank you! I hope you're enjoying my pictures and words and clothes. I've been meaning to write a proper 'about me' page for a while so this seems like a good excuse to do so.

What is yr name, gurl?

My name is Lisa! Hopefully that was already clear, but it's cool to start things off politely.

How did this blog start? Why do you do it?

I have something of a 'that looks fun - LET ME TRY!' personality so I was basically following a bunch of rad bloggers and thought it looked like so much fun I just had to get in on that action. It was pretty average in the beginning - I didn't really know what I was trying to do aside from take a lot of awkward self portraits wearing outfits I now feel varying levels of shame about when I think back - but it's turned into a fun way to keep track of how my ~personal style~ is developing and share things I find inspiring as well as projects I work on. Above all else it's pretty much just a haven for me to mess around with clothes, play with my camera, have fun and not take myself too seriously.

Did you/ do you study or anything?

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Film and TV (with a minor in photography) from Curtin Uni, graduating class of 2011, yo!

So... what exactly is it that you do now?

That is a surprisingly difficult question with an answer that changes every time I'm asked it because I have a lot of interests (or, I don't know, a short attention span) and haven't been able to pick a favourite. And maybe don't want to. But whatever! This is 2012 and it's okay for ~careers~ to be like that. I work weekend nights as a 60s-style go go dancer at Probably the Greatest Place in the World (otherwise known as Deville's Pad, located here in ol' Perth) but during the day (or sometimes night) I am somewhat of a Freelance Photo-taking/ Video-making Something Or Other. Meaning that I've worked taking photos of live music, fashion, art, people, film sets, houses and food, I've made videos for small businesses, I've been a production assistant on a few TV commercial shoots, I've costume designed/ standby wardrobed in film, I've written copy, I've helped out at film and music festivals. And that's just the stuff I can think of off the top of my head. And I've loved almost every single one of those jobs. So... that's what I do, more or less!

Favourite books/ films/ tv shows?

Harry Potter, Stephen Fry's Moab is My Washpot, Run Lola Run, The Breakfast Club, Friends, Doctor Who, Calvin and Hobbes, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Psycho, Community, The Simpsons, Jonathan Safran Foer's Everything is Illuminated, anything Wes Anderson, Amelie, Dirty Dancing.

Got one of those Life Plans?

My Dream Life would be costume designing a TV show by day, dancing by night and taking photos of anything fashion and music related in between. Sigh... one day, please?

And because I'm a typical narcissistic gen y kid with a good internet connection there are heaps of other places you can find me, too! Like tumblr (this one is for photos I take and this one is for random thoughts/ things I find interesting/ procrastinating), twitter, instagram (username is lisalisagrace) and facebook.

And sometimes I like to pretend I am a Professional At Something, too, so here is my website if you think there is something I can make for you or if you're just obsessed with me and haven't had enough yet (or both!)

Now tell me about yourself, if you'd like! And if you have a blog or twitter or instagram or what-have-you I'd love to check it out. Let's make this stalking mutual and all be friends, yeah?

Lisa xx

11 October 2012

pff: student runway / costume couture

This is what I've been hanging out for. This, you guys. This is my SHIT. My jam. My thing. I want to run away and live in a land where people dress like Disney villains, cartoon heroes, marshmellow clouds and everything in between. Absolute definite highlight of the whole festival.

And on that note, coverage of PFF12 is complete! I hope y'all enjoyed. Back to regular programming now and all that.

Lisa xx

10 October 2012

pff: student runway / eco design

Eco design was well fun!

Example: THAT TUTU. I NEED THAT TUTU IN MY LIFE. A friend commented that it looked like it was made from scraps of all the dresses I already own, and if that doesn't sound like something I need right now then I don't know what does.

Plus knuckleduster necklaces, hardware-store-items-as-gown-embellishments, hats worthy of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. This is my kind of collection.

Lisa xx

pff: student runway / contemporary eveningwear

I've been struggling to think of any words to describe these looks other than 'ahhhhhhh' and maybe that makes me a bad ~fashun blogger~ but whatever. These designs make me gooey in my brain and warm in my heart.

Lisa xx

09 October 2012

pff: student runway / rtw mens

A couple of small details that have stuck with me from the RTW Men's section of the Student Runway show. What I can only hope will be standard wear when recreational space travel is a normal holiday activity, and the sweetest darn use of moose-as-accessory I ever did see.

Designed by Tim Watson of Curtin University.

Lisa xx

pff: student runway / rtw womens

These are two of my favourite looks from the RTW Women's section of the Perth Fashion Festival's Student Runway show (which was totally my favourite show of the festival - I have so many wonderfully crazy designs lined up to share with you over the next few days!)

A Vivienne Westwood-esque mother-freakin' E.T./ tartan mash-up and a glorious mixture of green and black angular glamour. The former designed by Morgan Davies of Polytechnic West and the latter by Olivia Lee of Edith Cowan University.

Lisa xx

asos does australia

I (finally!) did my tax return this evening and having been pleasantly surprised with the result naturally all I've got going through my brain is "SHOPPINGGGG". So how convenient that a pretty little email landed in my inbox this morning with news of ASOS's Australian collection. And it's good, guys! It's got me cursing this chill still hanging around in the air and dreaming of some warmer days that will definitely be here soon.

Here are a few of my favourite items...

I would wear any of these in a heartbeat. And head straight for the beach to lounge around and pretend I'm in an episode of Puberty Blues, 2012 edition. The shoes especially, hnnnng. I think those sandals are going to be the first things I get my hands on. And the sunnies. And that ridiculous-but-somehow-amazing? crop top and pant combo.

Apologies to the rest of the world but, well, an Australian summer is not always a fun thing to deal with. We deserve some pretty threads to help us get through it, I think?

Lisa xx

P.S. Not a sponsored post! I just love ASOS, a lot.

04 October 2012

pff: wa designers / ange lang

And to round off my personal faves from the WA Designers show, the ever elegant Ange Lang. It was all a bit vampy and noir-ish and I couldn't get enough. It makes me want to spend my nights at glamorous balls, drinking champagne and concocting an evil plan or two.

Lisa xx

pff: wa designers / on a whim

I am expecting to spend many upcoming warm spring and summer (and autumn and probably winter too because, like, Australia) days at picnics because nothing goes together quite like good weather, good food and good company. And how convenient! On a Whim's collection at the WA Designer show has provided me with all the picnicking outfits I could possibly need! Just look at all this adorable. I want to make those two purple dresses my Official Picnic Uniform.

Lisa xx

03 October 2012

pff: wa designers / monster alphabets

My two favourite looks from Monster Alphabet's collection at the WA Designers show. So simple and elegant. That long striped skirt with the petite black button-up is exactly the sort of thing I could slip into any day of the week. Much love.

Lisa xx

02 October 2012

pff: wa designers / anna excell

Oh - you opened your show with an explosion of pink and continued with block colours, including head-to-toe orange and the most glorious burgundy dress? Oh - I LOVE YOU. Anna Excell, I am a fan.

Lisa xx