31 December 2009

What comes before part b? PARTAY!

Merry new year internetz! I hope everyone has something marvelous planned, whether it's going out, staying in or something in between.

Me, I'll be headed to a friend's place with champagne in one hand, sparklers in the other and (as you can see) the CUTEST of dresses. I got this one for christmas and it's made me ever so happy. (You know what? I can't help thinking how rad it would look with these leather wedges.)

So have a lovely night and remember - those people who say the way you spend your new years eve is a reflection of the year to come? Stupid. It's just a day, use it as an excuse to have some fun and wear something FABULOUS!

Dress by Quirky Circus
Belt by Jeanswest
Shoes by Lucy Lockett
Turquoise ring by Cotton On

Lisa xx

P.S. If you guessed Scrubs then you are correct, sir!

P.P.S. My new years resolutions, in case you were wondering.

30 December 2009

Hide and seek

Today was weird. Mostly because it rained, not really for any other reason. And with that comment I realise just how much I talk about the weather in this blog. Okay, moving on, clothing time!

Haven't worn this top in a while. Can't stop wearing these shorts. Stole this belt from my brother last night. Riveting, eh? Bet you're glad I stopped going on about the weather! Yeah, I should just let the photos speak for themselves, I'm clearly not going to be adding anything of substance tonight...

Singlet and shoes by Cotton On
Shorts by Sportsgirl
Shirt (DIY'd) and belt both hand-me-downs
Various jewellery all gifts

P.S. Remember Imogen Heap's 'Hide and seek'? I forgot for a couple years how gorgeous it is and now I can't stop listening to it.

Decisions, decisions

I strolled into Marcs today and spied these leather wedges at a REALLY GOOD price ($79 down from $269) but I just can't decide. Hrmmmmm. They're not very summery but I doubt I'd find a similar deal in a few months. What do you think?

Lisa xx

P.S. My birthday is in less than a month so who knows...

29 December 2009




Want to hear something totally not sad? As I write this I'm listening to christmas music, even though it was several days ago. Whatever. I'm just one of those totally not annoying people who listens to christmas music all year round. (Another story: last year my friend gave me a badge that says 'merry christmas!' and I've since made a point of wearing it only when it's not christmas. What up, irony?)

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! Or if you don't celebrate it, weekend! Mine was pretty damn delightful - had lunch with all the extended family, it wasn't too hot, got some great stuff (the wearable items I can't wait to show you soon).

And every year as christmas comes and goes - so too do the sales. So today I woke up early (9 - WHEW) and braved them - and it was worth it. Picked up these shorts and this top as well as another one (both sequiny - I am OBSESSED with sequins at the moment).


Top by Forever New
Shorts by Sportsgirl
Bag (vintage) by Olga Berg
Shoes by Cotton On
Pink bracelet made by a friend (I got it in the mail today - NICEST surprise, and isn't it prettyyy?)

Lisa xx

P.S. The video for Vampire Weekend's Cousins is really really rad.

22 December 2009

Summertime clothes

Christmas. Shopping. Presents. Rinse and repeat. I swear it's all I've got on my brain at the moment. And here's the shocker: I kind of LOVE it. See, I love Christmas. I love shopping. I love giving (and receiving, heh) presents. Plus these past couple of weeks have been so relaxing and nothing-filled that it's actually a little nice and refreshing to be rushing about. Yup, I'm truly one of a kind.

Know what else I love? My new Yeah Yeah Yeahs shirt! Paired with shorts, thongs, the works. I've found that shopping is done best when comfortable - especially when it's hot, bags are heavy and you're surrounded by hundreds of much, much angrier and more stressed out shoppers. It's all good.

Any tips on battling the shops this time of year? I might need them, I'm headed back there tomorrow. I just hope no one's too stressed; remember - shopping is fun!

Shirt - thrifted
Shorts by Billabong
Thongs by Havaianas
Scarf (tied around wrist) - thrifted
Necklace by (I think) Jeanswest
Bag by someone wonderful who I've terribly forgotton

Lisa xx

P.S. I've just voted in Triple J's 2009 Hottest 100 and Animal Collective's Summertime clothes made my number one. Absolutely perfect song, good grief.

20 December 2009

Weekend plunder

Ah, this has been a good weekend buying-myself-presents-wise. Early Christmas presents, yeah that'll do. So Unwrapped was on saturday and the Retro market was today and both were wonderful. Lots of local designers, vintage delights and cupcakes - a perfect combination or what?

Just check out what I scored...

A calico bag whose designer I've forgotten and feel really bad about because I want to do a plug! Just keep your eyes out for this one, okay?

Man's ring from the 20th century. Love it.

Vintage Olga Berg bag. I couldn't leave without at least one sequin-coated item.

And best of all - a Yeah Yeah Yeahs shirt! Yeah! Ah, I love it so much. Funk yes I know what I'll be wearing at Southbound in a couple weeks.

Lisa xx

P.S. By now you've probably realised my favourite place to take photos is in my backyard.
P.P.S. In case you were wondering (and I know you were) my favourite Christmas song is All I want for Christmas by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

16 December 2009

Enjoy the show

Christmas in Perth = hot. Sunny, laid-back, leisurely. But mostly the hot thing. So in my humble opinion this was pretty much the perfect outfit for a casual Christmas party I had on Saturday evening. A few drinks, a LOT of gossip, a good time was had by all - just the way Christmas should be.

A couple months ago when I was still at uni I saw a girl wearing a simple black dress with a cropped singlet layered on top of it. It was very cute and I kind of loved it. So to channel my ol' buddy Picasso ('bad artists copy. Good artists steal') I've been trying it out myself. With reasonable success, if you don't mind me saying.

It also put this belt to good use which has always been a tricky one - it's loose around my waist but tight around my hips. Add another layer = problem solved! How Christmasly.

Dress by Quirky Blu
Singlet by Cotton On
Belt by Forever New

Lisa xx

P.S. Isn't Lenka's 'The show' the most adorable song ever? Good grief.

09 December 2009

Land ho!

I love this top and scarf combination because I feel like it creates a perfect balance between sailor and girl scout. Ready for a day of good deeds and swashbuckling!

Top by Cotton On
Scarf thrifted

Lisa xx

06 December 2009


That's the sound I make as my muscles creak every time I so much as take a single step. I'm a bit sore, you see. I had a morning shift at work yesterday (starting at 7 - now THAT'S dedication) followed by my dance school's annual concert. Both were fun, the latter slightly more so, but I am completely and totally buggered today.

And speaking of dedication, considering I spent this morning asleep and the afternoon lying on my bed watching Merlin (oh, Arthur...) and Smallville, I'd say I got fairly gussied up for this 'lil bloggy blog. NO PROBS, INTERNET. Happy to.

So this dress is the ugliest dress I own. I bought it when I was about fifteen and I have no idea why. I don't even know why it was still in my wardrobe. HOWEVER. My favourite black belt which I think has appeared in just about every post on this blog also happens to possess magical powers. So I was able to fix the dress to a more flattering and comfortable length. MAGIC. (Seriously, you do not want to see this dress at its natural length and style - yucky yuck yuck. Not one of your wisest choices, fifteen year old me.)

Oh! And I totally bought this bolero (that's what they're called, right? Sounds a bit better than short-sleeved cropped cardigan) in Scotland. Edinburgh to be specific. Cultured, much?

Dress by Jay Jays
Bolero by Miss Selfridge
Belt by Jeanswest
Heels by Isabella Brown

Lisa xx