31 December 2009

What comes before part b? PARTAY!

Merry new year internetz! I hope everyone has something marvelous planned, whether it's going out, staying in or something in between.

Me, I'll be headed to a friend's place with champagne in one hand, sparklers in the other and (as you can see) the CUTEST of dresses. I got this one for christmas and it's made me ever so happy. (You know what? I can't help thinking how rad it would look with these leather wedges.)

So have a lovely night and remember - those people who say the way you spend your new years eve is a reflection of the year to come? Stupid. It's just a day, use it as an excuse to have some fun and wear something FABULOUS!

Dress by Quirky Circus
Belt by Jeanswest
Shoes by Lucy Lockett
Turquoise ring by Cotton On

Lisa xx

P.S. If you guessed Scrubs then you are correct, sir!

P.P.S. My new years resolutions, in case you were wondering.


  1. love the post title :P
    i'm absolutely in love with your dress, great way to ring in the new year :) and those shoes! ahh adorable.