29 December 2009




Want to hear something totally not sad? As I write this I'm listening to christmas music, even though it was several days ago. Whatever. I'm just one of those totally not annoying people who listens to christmas music all year round. (Another story: last year my friend gave me a badge that says 'merry christmas!' and I've since made a point of wearing it only when it's not christmas. What up, irony?)

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! Or if you don't celebrate it, weekend! Mine was pretty damn delightful - had lunch with all the extended family, it wasn't too hot, got some great stuff (the wearable items I can't wait to show you soon).

And every year as christmas comes and goes - so too do the sales. So today I woke up early (9 - WHEW) and braved them - and it was worth it. Picked up these shorts and this top as well as another one (both sequiny - I am OBSESSED with sequins at the moment).


Top by Forever New
Shorts by Sportsgirl
Bag (vintage) by Olga Berg
Shoes by Cotton On
Pink bracelet made by a friend (I got it in the mail today - NICEST surprise, and isn't it prettyyy?)

Lisa xx

P.S. The video for Vampire Weekend's Cousins is really really rad.

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  1. Super cute outfit. I love the layering of bracelets. It really works. I think I'd like to try that!