16 December 2009

Enjoy the show

Christmas in Perth = hot. Sunny, laid-back, leisurely. But mostly the hot thing. So in my humble opinion this was pretty much the perfect outfit for a casual Christmas party I had on Saturday evening. A few drinks, a LOT of gossip, a good time was had by all - just the way Christmas should be.

A couple months ago when I was still at uni I saw a girl wearing a simple black dress with a cropped singlet layered on top of it. It was very cute and I kind of loved it. So to channel my ol' buddy Picasso ('bad artists copy. Good artists steal') I've been trying it out myself. With reasonable success, if you don't mind me saying.

It also put this belt to good use which has always been a tricky one - it's loose around my waist but tight around my hips. Add another layer = problem solved! How Christmasly.

Dress by Quirky Blu
Singlet by Cotton On
Belt by Forever New

Lisa xx

P.S. Isn't Lenka's 'The show' the most adorable song ever? Good grief.


  1. the show is such a cute song, i completely agree. and i'm so jealous of your warm weather, it's freezing over here! :)
    p.s. you look adorable

  2. Very summer-ific outfit! And just checked out that song - very sweet :)

  3. I'm so jealous of your weather! and what a pretty little white dress!!!