20 December 2009

Weekend plunder

Ah, this has been a good weekend buying-myself-presents-wise. Early Christmas presents, yeah that'll do. So Unwrapped was on saturday and the Retro market was today and both were wonderful. Lots of local designers, vintage delights and cupcakes - a perfect combination or what?

Just check out what I scored...

A calico bag whose designer I've forgotten and feel really bad about because I want to do a plug! Just keep your eyes out for this one, okay?

Man's ring from the 20th century. Love it.

Vintage Olga Berg bag. I couldn't leave without at least one sequin-coated item.

And best of all - a Yeah Yeah Yeahs shirt! Yeah! Ah, I love it so much. Funk yes I know what I'll be wearing at Southbound in a couple weeks.

Lisa xx

P.S. By now you've probably realised my favourite place to take photos is in my backyard.
P.P.S. In case you were wondering (and I know you were) my favourite Christmas song is All I want for Christmas by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


  1. i'm loving that calico bag you scored :) and awesome ring. i've been meaning to expand (or should i say start) my ring collection lately. :)

  2. oh my, that bag is divine! Excellent score!

  3. I'm talkin about the one with the sequins.....love it!

  4. Jen - I know what you mean! I've only started buying rings recently but now I can't stop. Not that I mind though :)

    Kate - thank you! I can't wait until I have somewhere fancy to take it. I'll probably just end up taking it down to the shops haha.