22 December 2009

Summertime clothes

Christmas. Shopping. Presents. Rinse and repeat. I swear it's all I've got on my brain at the moment. And here's the shocker: I kind of LOVE it. See, I love Christmas. I love shopping. I love giving (and receiving, heh) presents. Plus these past couple of weeks have been so relaxing and nothing-filled that it's actually a little nice and refreshing to be rushing about. Yup, I'm truly one of a kind.

Know what else I love? My new Yeah Yeah Yeahs shirt! Paired with shorts, thongs, the works. I've found that shopping is done best when comfortable - especially when it's hot, bags are heavy and you're surrounded by hundreds of much, much angrier and more stressed out shoppers. It's all good.

Any tips on battling the shops this time of year? I might need them, I'm headed back there tomorrow. I just hope no one's too stressed; remember - shopping is fun!

Shirt - thrifted
Shorts by Billabong
Thongs by Havaianas
Scarf (tied around wrist) - thrifted
Necklace by (I think) Jeanswest
Bag by someone wonderful who I've terribly forgotton

Lisa xx

P.S. I've just voted in Triple J's 2009 Hottest 100 and Animal Collective's Summertime clothes made my number one. Absolutely perfect song, good grief.


  1. i love how you wore the scarf as a bracelet! :) and i'm jealous you can wear such summery clothes during christmas. i'm all bundled up haha

  2. Love the complimentary colours of the t-shirt text and your summery shorts! x

  3. yeah yeah yeahs & animal collective.
    i'd be happy with that.