06 December 2009


That's the sound I make as my muscles creak every time I so much as take a single step. I'm a bit sore, you see. I had a morning shift at work yesterday (starting at 7 - now THAT'S dedication) followed by my dance school's annual concert. Both were fun, the latter slightly more so, but I am completely and totally buggered today.

And speaking of dedication, considering I spent this morning asleep and the afternoon lying on my bed watching Merlin (oh, Arthur...) and Smallville, I'd say I got fairly gussied up for this 'lil bloggy blog. NO PROBS, INTERNET. Happy to.

So this dress is the ugliest dress I own. I bought it when I was about fifteen and I have no idea why. I don't even know why it was still in my wardrobe. HOWEVER. My favourite black belt which I think has appeared in just about every post on this blog also happens to possess magical powers. So I was able to fix the dress to a more flattering and comfortable length. MAGIC. (Seriously, you do not want to see this dress at its natural length and style - yucky yuck yuck. Not one of your wisest choices, fifteen year old me.)

Oh! And I totally bought this bolero (that's what they're called, right? Sounds a bit better than short-sleeved cropped cardigan) in Scotland. Edinburgh to be specific. Cultured, much?

Dress by Jay Jays
Bolero by Miss Selfridge
Belt by Jeanswest
Heels by Isabella Brown

Lisa xx


  1. from how you styled your dress, there's no way i could've guessed it's your ugliest dress. love the belt and bolero combo :)

  2. The dress looks fab, but I was totally distracted by those shoes! Love them!

  3. You all have no idea how glad I am to hear it doesn't look ugly haha!

    Kate - I love these shoes, I don't wear them enough - I still haven't quite forgiven them for giving me major blisters the last time I wore them out!