02 December 2009

Just a Boy

(I know I'm not a boy. Hopefully you do too. This was just the first song that came on when I pressed shuffle in iTunes. Angus and Julia Stone, FYI. It's lurrrvely.)


Oooooooooops. I meant to upload this about a week ago. I've just been busy. Being lazy. What? It's very time-consuming. Witty quips aside, I have actually had (wow!) some semblance of a life over the past couple of weeks - I've got a job (FINALLY) and have been rehearsing super duper hard for a dance concert this weekend. It's all very exciting.

Anyway, if my memory serves me correctly (it was a LONG time ago I wore this afterall) it was a fairly laidback, casual day. So that called for a laidback, casual outfit. Comfortable shorts, slouchy jumper, cute bag - it's all pretty simple but I really like it. This girl loves getting dressed up, but I also rock at casual.

Top (not really seen) by Miss Shop

Shorts by Billabong
Jumper by Cotton On Body
Bag by Forever New
Thongs by Havaianas

Lisa xx

1 comment:

  1. love how casual this outfit is (especially that sweater). and that bag is adorable!! :)