31 December 2012

farewell twenty twelve

What a year! Do you know what? I think it's been my favourite so far.

In a lot of ways this, more so than any other, was a year of firsts. After graduating uni I was out in the Terrifying and Grown Up Real World for the first time. I started a new job as a go go dancer at Deville's and fell completely in love with that new part of my life. I travelled to Alice Springs for the first time to work with and take photos for an old friend. I worked on a feature film for the first time, I worked on tv commercials for the first time, I costume designed a short film for the first time. I met and got to work with a bunch of talented local creatives for the first time, and I got to be a part of the Perth Fashion Festival for the first time as part of the wonderful 30 Days of Restyle initiative. And I met so many fucking amazing people, and continued to party hard and chill harder with old friends.

It hasn't been an easy year, but it's been a hell of a lot of fun.

I've got some big things planned for Hug Sized in 2013, and even bigger things planned for Life in 2013, so stay tuned. And thank you for stopping by, saying lovely things and supporting my little corner of the internet. It means a whole heap.

How was your 2012?

Lisa xx

22 December 2012

andrea for pretty dress - part II

Here are my favourite snaps from a shoot for Pretty Dress back in June, featuring gorgeous Andrea. Fremantle harbour as the sun set... pretty excellent working conditions, I must say.

Lisa xx

21 December 2012

andrea for pretty dress - part I

I'm going back through and organising photos from this year and realising just how little work I've shared - oops! Bad blogging, Lisa. So to remedy that here are some photos I took for Pretty Dress's catalogue back in May, featuring lovely model Andrea - isn't she the cutest? And those top two dresses are just STUNNING (the left one doesn't look like it's still in stock but you can find the right one here).

I'll share a few more snaps tomorrow - my favourite images from a shoot in Fremantle as the sun set...

Lisa xx

20 December 2012

hug sized X perth fashion festival

My guest post for the Perth Fashion Festival covering the OnWilliam night markets last friday is now live! Featuring my top ten market finds. Spoiler alert: I got some good 'uns. Check it here.

Lisa xx

19 December 2012

grace + scarper II

Y'all know by now just how much I love Grace + Scarper. Not only because it's never short of a pleasure working with the label - but because designer Lisa Jefferson creates truly beautiful and original pieces. So naturally I am WAY stoked to have a few more delights to add to my collection. The fine and colourful bracelets in particular are a current obsession - I've a feeling these will be living on my wrists all summer.

Also - perfect christmas present for someone special if you're struggling for ideas! Check out the website for more products and info on stockists.

You can see the video I made for Grace + Scarper here and some older photos here.

Lisa xx

Note: this is not a sponsored post; all thoughts and opinions are my own.

13 December 2012

christmas fairy

Ohhh this dress. I'm more than a bit enamoured with it. Made in the 50s and unaltered since, floaty and flattering, in a beautiful light mint green - I felt pretty special twirling around the Urban Orchard in this get up. I can't think of a dress more perfect for Christmas day celebrations. And you can make it yours by visiting Bone Jacked Vintage at the OnWilliam markets tomorrow!

THAT'S RIGHT, TOMORROW. 5 - 10 pm in the Perth Cultural Centre. I'll be there wandering around with PFF looking looking for the best market finds. Hope to see you there, and hope you enjoyed this week of outfits!

Lisa xx

12 December 2012


I AM SO OBSESSED WITH THIS PLAYSUIT! It's Bone Jacked Vintage of course but I will warn you I am going to sprint to the stall as soon as I arrive at the markets this friday and scoop this baby up. Probably the shoes too. Soz. But head down for literally hundreds of other equally bitchin' treats!

Lisa xx

11 December 2012

I like aeroplane jewellery

Outfit number two for you, amigos! Featuring lovely dress and bag from Bone Jacked Vintage and adorable paper aeroplane jewellery (did you read this post title to the tune of 'I like aeroplane jelly? Did ya??) from The Bunny, both of whom will be running rad stores at the OnWilliam night markets this friday. All details of the markets here, friends.

Lisa xx

10 December 2012

countdown to illuminites

In case you've forgotten (tsk tsk), less than a week to go until the OnWilliam night markets! To get in the mood I caught up with PFF for something of a christmas- and market-inspired shoot. We put four outfits together featuring clothes and accessories from some fab Illuminites sellers and I jumped and danced around the Urban Orchard while the awesome Steph from PFF took these photos. SO fun. And I'll be posting an outfit each day this week to hopefully get you a bit excited for all the treats you can get your mitts on this friday!

Here's number one...

Special magic christmas nails by the rad Jessie of Finger Bang Nail Art, who'll be running a stall at the markets. Thanks, cool lady! (The reindeer is my favourite. I can't get over it. The sickest.) Big thank you also to Steph for organising everything and for taking these photos - I think I need to employ her as my personal photographer. And thank you to Bone Jacked Vintage and The Bunny for kindly lending the amazing clothes and accessories you'll be seeing this week. And of course to the OnWilliam team as well for running this whole shebang! The best group of people!

Lisa xx

09 December 2012


Last night I had the absolute pleasure of checking out Unveiled, the Western Australian Museum's latest exhibition. AND IT WAS MAGICAL. 200 years of sartorial wedding history from the UK's Victoria and Albert Museum (plus a few special WA pieces) all in one spot. Magnificent. Incredibly detailed gowns, suits, footwear and accessories in stunning condition telling all sorts of stories. I'm hardly a wedding fiend, and I was going absolutely nuts over it all!

Have a sneak peak...

Pieces from the WA portion of the exhibition

Top: lower (left) and upper (right) class gowns from the early 1800s
Middle: Details of a late 19th century bodice
Bottom: Traditional mid 19th century lace veil (left) and early 20th century socialite Margaret Whigham's gown (right)

Top: Details of a gown made from upholstery during WWII
Middle: Quintessential 1960s (left) and 70s (right) styles
Bottom: Vivienne Westwood's creation for Dita Von Teese (left) and a 90s Christian Lacroix gown

A big big thank you to the WA Museum and all its wonderful staff for putting on a fantastic night and for inviting me to peruse the exhibition and take these photos - it was a total honour. Unveiled is running at the museum (located in the cultural centre) until the 24th of march. These photos only give away a snippet of the magic - be sure to head down and check out the real thing!

Lisa xx