28 February 2010

Sailing home

Today was both the last day of summer for us southern hemispherers and my last day of freedom (first day of my second year of uni tomorrow - eek! Excitement!) so I figured I'd better make the most of it. And make the most of it I did - as well as staying out all night dancing with my friends (the consequences of which I'm still feeling... ohhhhh sore feet) I ventured up the road to the local park to take some pretty pictures. And I just couldn't resist the bright blue... um... whatever the little things where football players sit are called. Yeah, those things.

And OF COURSE I had to visit the playground. No question about it. (And by 'visit' I mean 'sneak in'... it's not exactly a public playground. But the gate was unlocked and that's enough for me!)

Singlet by Cotton On
Top by Kenzo
Skirt by Miss Shop
Belt - secondhand

Lisa xx

P.S. This post is a tad rushed because I want to get an early night and haven't gotten my stuff together or decided what I'm going to wear yet (!!!).

26 February 2010

You've got the love

Say 'how do you do' to my gorgeous new red dress, bought in Sydney last week! So this blog is basically me going on about stuff I own that I love probably a little too much and this dress is no exception. I LOVE this dress. And even better - I love the way I feel when I wear this dress.

There are two things I love about fashion, and are essentially what I personally consider "fashion" being all about: 1. clothing as a form of self-expression, and 2. wearing clothing that makes you feel fabulous, confident and just plain good about yourself. There's a hell of a lot of negativity in this industry but you'll find none of that here, no sir. My attitude towards this blog has always been that it's my fashion-happy-place. Hence my constant lovey-doveyness!

Heh, slight tangent there but my point is I wear what makes me feel good. And this dress makes me feel MAGNIFICENT. It also makes me feel like I'd fit right in on Mad Men (and that is of course a Very Good Thing).

Dress by Dangerfield Revival
Scarf - gift from my nanna
Shoes by Lucy Lockett

Lisa xx

24 February 2010

I put a spell on you

Day number two with an out of order back = chocolate, Daria, more tea and even more pillows. I feel like I'm turning into a hermit. But alas! I did drag myself outside to get a few happy snaps of my other ebay treasure, this charming TV necklace which I just couldn't resist. I watch a hell of a lot of TV and it's even included in my uni degree. So come on. This necklace couldn't have a more suitable owner.

(Misty the cat gave in to her curiousity to see what the fuss was about. Good grief I love that pudding of fur.)

Necklace from Devil's Closet, which has a GREAT range of vintage jewellery and is totally well priced. Have I mentioned how much I love ebay?

Lisa xx

P.S. Freakin' fantastic song. There's a great scene with it in Nowhere Boy, too (which itself is a fabulous film).

I couldn't resist adding the trailer. Great fashion too, I love that period. (The boys' hair! And John's 'Buddy Holly' glasses! So great.)

23 February 2010

Trust me, I'm a Doctor

My back decided to lodge a personal vendetta against me today so I shall be spending the entire day in bed with my laptop, radio, some tea and LOTS of pillows. I'm hardly dressed very glamorous (think: old pink trackies) but I couldn't resist showing you this shirt. My brother bought it for me a few years ago and I love it, I'm a total Doctor Who geek. And the bow, of course, because I've decided bows can make any outfit instantly better.

Lisa xx

Our House

Hold on, just have to warm up my sing-song voice... ahem, 'I'm baaaa-aaack!'

My trip to Sydney was just darn lovely. I am quite glad to be back though. My closest friend for the week was my cousin’s three year old daughter (which was actually totally weird; kids don’t normally like me) so it’ll be nice to hang out with people that are my age and not related to me.

Highlights of the trip include: the kind of weather where it’s rainy and stormy without being cold (there was a whole weekend of it and it was fantastic! My favourite kind of weather), krispy kreme (it’s a big deal for me, okay? We in Perth are deprived!), my aunt and uncle’s pool, split-level trains, standing outside channel seven so I could be in the background of the Morning Show, visiting Chanel (sigh…), having a three year old repeatedly tell me I’m her best friend.

My favourite thing about coming home? Walking into my bedroom to see a nice plump package sitting on my bed. Ahh, the reward of my many hours spent on ebay. Major happy face.

I can't get over how great they are. Especially the Mickey Mouse one. Look at it! Show me a more awesome jumper, I dare you. And BE COLDER, SUMMER. I want to wear them alllll day!

All items via Twitch Vintage. The lovely Robyn also has a blog. I highly highly recommend you check it out.

Lisa xx

Fantastic song and fantastic video (such a well dressed group of lads too):

11 February 2010

Let's go surfing

What an average couple of days I've had. You know those days where nothing majorly bad happens yet at the same time nothing seems to happen in your favour? Those are the kinds of days I've been having. Bleucgh.

BUT IT'S ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE. I'm going to literally leave my troubles behind for the next eleven days as I head to Sydney with my mum to visit her family. Hoorah! A week filled with lying by the pool, reading, listening to music and of course catching up with family I haven't seen in years. Big ol' smiley face. Unfortunately (and this is a big unfortunately - brace yourselves) I'll be in an internet connection-less house so won't be able to update. Tear!

Anyway - outfit. I couldn't decide which vest I liked better so I wore both. What do you think?

And just a couple more photos of me looking stupid since you'll be without me for a week and a bit and I know that's what you'll miss most...

I'll miss you, internet chums! Try not to get up to anything too exciting while I'm gone (or if you do, take photos so I can see when I get back).

Top by Glassons
Skirt by Holy G via Modcloth
First vest by Temt
Second vest and headband by Kookaï
Shoes by Heavenly Daze

Lisa xx

P.S. A pretty song.

09 February 2010

Love stinks

It's true, sometimes it just does. (But I do love Charlie Brown in a non-stinky way. Also this.)

Lisa xx

08 February 2010



Hey there monday, good to see you. No, seriously, I'm not kidding. I swear. You're looking good today. Well rested. How am I doing, you ask, dear monday?

Today's been a very relax-y, laidback, kinda trippy day filled mostly with sleeping in, watching Arrested Development, taking photos of myself spinning around (one of my favourite ever hobbies, examples above) and of course catching up on your lovely blogs after the BUSY helluva weekend I've just had.

As well as work, I went to St Jerome's Laneway Festival on saturday, which for you non-antipodeans is a wee little music festival that takes place in the heart of the city (hence, you know, the name 'laneway'). It's a totally unique set up and I loved it; there's nothing quite like watching an awesome band from the steps of the Perth library, or smushed between the museum and the art gallery.

And speaking of awesome bands, boy howdy. I got to see Florence and the Machine, Mumford and Sons, Sarah Blasko, Wild Beasts, Kid Sam and Boys Boys Boys! I'm still not over how good Florence was. She's incredible. I want to bake her heart-shaped cakes and write her poems that she can then sing back to me. That's normal, right?

A couple of photos because she was dressed ever so fabulously. More over at my flickr.

Top by Miss Shop, cut up by me
Shorts by Sportsgirl
Hand-me-down belt
Necklace by Diva

Lisa xx

P.S. Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. A bunch of hippies singing the sweetest fricken' song, I love it. 'Holy moly me oh my, you're the apple of my eye' - why don't more people talk like that??

P.P.S. I'm headed to Sydney this friday to visit family with my mum (hurrah!) It's been a few years since I've been there so any tips on what to do/ where to go? Where are all the cool Sydney kids at these days?

04 February 2010


Eeeeeeeeek! Yesterday was super super exciting for one very important reason - my Modcloth skirt arrived!! It was the first item of clothing I've bought online (I'm slightly late to the game, I know, totes respect all you savvy seasoned online shoppers) and so you can imagine my relief when I tried it on and it fit. And, you know, looked decent. So this is the furthest thing from news but as it turns out, online shopping is addictive (shock! Horror!) I've since bought a couple vintage items on ebay (can't waaaait to show you) and am positive this will in no way be my last visit to Modcloth. Do you have any favourite online shops you'd care to share, hm?

So the actual outfit... I tried to keep it pretty simple here as the emphasis is OBVIOUSLY on the skirt. I can't wait until it gets a bit colder and I can team it with tights and other layery things. I'm pretty sure the scarf was necessary though - even though it's summer good ol' Perth is windy as ever (and wind is fricking COLD. And bad for my hair! And my vanity!) Third windiest city in the world, I'm pretty sure. Exciting fact!

Top by Cotton On
Skirt by Holy G via Modcloth
Belt by Jeanswest

Lisa xx

01 February 2010


I wore this out to a casual party at a friend's place on saturday (my dad calls that kind of thing a 'show' which I love). The show (heh) itself was kind of average (I was super tired and one of the only people not aiming to get drunk) but the house it was in was AMAZING. My friend's family just bought it with plans to renovate but I secretly hope they don't because the interior design is so ridiculously 60s (I hope I've got the right decade) it's AMAZING. Flowery wallpaper, comfy old armchairs, horrible carpet, everything. It was like stepping into a time machine, it was fantastic. At the very least I hope they let me keep the wallpaper.

And I really like this outfit! It was totally comfy and just the right amount of cute, in my humble opinion. I love the tights and shorts combination thing that seems to be happening at the moment. And I curled my hair! With considerable success! I don't want to get all vain on y'all now but I'm kinda in love with my hair at the moment. To the point where I keep opening photo booth to check out its curly goodness. I think I can feel an obsession coming on...

And another new thing - sunnies! I really like these a lot too. They were a birthday present, thanks mum. Smiley face.

Top by Miss Shop
Shorts, tights and sunnies by Sportsgirl
Cardigan and shoes by Cotton On
Bag by Forever New

Lisa xx

P.S. February header is up! Yes, I'm going to be changing it every month. Hope you like like.

P.P.S. Totes digging this song.