28 February 2010

Sailing home

Today was both the last day of summer for us southern hemispherers and my last day of freedom (first day of my second year of uni tomorrow - eek! Excitement!) so I figured I'd better make the most of it. And make the most of it I did - as well as staying out all night dancing with my friends (the consequences of which I'm still feeling... ohhhhh sore feet) I ventured up the road to the local park to take some pretty pictures. And I just couldn't resist the bright blue... um... whatever the little things where football players sit are called. Yeah, those things.

And OF COURSE I had to visit the playground. No question about it. (And by 'visit' I mean 'sneak in'... it's not exactly a public playground. But the gate was unlocked and that's enough for me!)

Singlet by Cotton On
Top by Kenzo
Skirt by Miss Shop
Belt - secondhand

Lisa xx

P.S. This post is a tad rushed because I want to get an early night and haven't gotten my stuff together or decided what I'm going to wear yet (!!!).


  1. lisa! you are one of the most adorable bloggers i know! this outfit is perfect for the spring/summer and you look like you're having so much fun. good luck tomorrow on your first day! i still can't get over how fall is beginning for you and i'm still waiting around for spring! :P

  2. no one is to young for the playground! love your stringy shirt thing going on and that skirt..... good thing you aren't near me right now.... if u were i would grab it and start running, thats how much i love that thing. :D lol.


  3. the colors are so lovely in the first few pictures :)

  4. Cute photos! I love the ones of you on the swing!

  5. These photos are fabulous of you! I love the skirt. So perfect for spring!


  6. Love the outfit. Love how much fun it looks like you are having. LOVE the second photo. You look gorgeous, and the colors just work.