04 February 2010


Eeeeeeeeek! Yesterday was super super exciting for one very important reason - my Modcloth skirt arrived!! It was the first item of clothing I've bought online (I'm slightly late to the game, I know, totes respect all you savvy seasoned online shoppers) and so you can imagine my relief when I tried it on and it fit. And, you know, looked decent. So this is the furthest thing from news but as it turns out, online shopping is addictive (shock! Horror!) I've since bought a couple vintage items on ebay (can't waaaait to show you) and am positive this will in no way be my last visit to Modcloth. Do you have any favourite online shops you'd care to share, hm?

So the actual outfit... I tried to keep it pretty simple here as the emphasis is OBVIOUSLY on the skirt. I can't wait until it gets a bit colder and I can team it with tights and other layery things. I'm pretty sure the scarf was necessary though - even though it's summer good ol' Perth is windy as ever (and wind is fricking COLD. And bad for my hair! And my vanity!) Third windiest city in the world, I'm pretty sure. Exciting fact!

Top by Cotton On
Skirt by Holy G via Modcloth
Belt by Jeanswest

Lisa xx


  1. aaahh.. yes.. i only got to online shopping just lately and yes, i have been hooked too! especially that i live in a city that is not as exciting as the bigger cities here in canada or US.

    anyway, you look great. love the skirt! :D

  2. I am terrible for on-line shopping! I have managed to stop myself from buying anything for awhile tho...
    That skirt rocks! Will look awesome in winter with tights & boots.

  3. that is the cutest skirt i've ever seen! yay for your first online purchase. my first was my freshman year of college and let me tell you, i've been addicted ever since. watch out and don't end up like me with way too many clothes and a lack of money :P

  4. Great skirt!!! Great way to show off those legs!