23 February 2010

Our House

Hold on, just have to warm up my sing-song voice... ahem, 'I'm baaaa-aaack!'

My trip to Sydney was just darn lovely. I am quite glad to be back though. My closest friend for the week was my cousin’s three year old daughter (which was actually totally weird; kids don’t normally like me) so it’ll be nice to hang out with people that are my age and not related to me.

Highlights of the trip include: the kind of weather where it’s rainy and stormy without being cold (there was a whole weekend of it and it was fantastic! My favourite kind of weather), krispy kreme (it’s a big deal for me, okay? We in Perth are deprived!), my aunt and uncle’s pool, split-level trains, standing outside channel seven so I could be in the background of the Morning Show, visiting Chanel (sigh…), having a three year old repeatedly tell me I’m her best friend.

My favourite thing about coming home? Walking into my bedroom to see a nice plump package sitting on my bed. Ahh, the reward of my many hours spent on ebay. Major happy face.

I can't get over how great they are. Especially the Mickey Mouse one. Look at it! Show me a more awesome jumper, I dare you. And BE COLDER, SUMMER. I want to wear them alllll day!

All items via Twitch Vintage. The lovely Robyn also has a blog. I highly highly recommend you check it out.

Lisa xx

Fantastic song and fantastic video (such a well dressed group of lads too):


  1. Looks like you are ready for cold weather. I'm so glad that you love them! I'll be linking back to this post, but I really can't wait to see you wear them. :)

    XO Robyn

  2. I love these pieces, especially the second one - gorgeous! xoxo

  3. VERY cute jumpers! Perfect timing as well, just as we're slipping out of summer into autumn.

  4. btw! It sounds like you had an enjoyable time in Sydney!

    I kind of like the opposite weather to you: sunny and bright but chilly with a mild breeze!

    Split level trains haha
    I thought they were the norm until I went to Hong Kong and Europe where they have single level trains... I'm not sure if Melbourne has single or double level trains though.

    I must say again- I'm very jealous of your ebay finds!


  5. Good buys? GREAT BUY!!!! BEST BUY!!! The Mickey Sweater is so cute and the second sweater is so CHIC!!! AWESOME BUY!!!