30 September 2010

Bus stop

I can't resist a playground. Really though, can anyone?

Lisa xx

12 September 2010


Hulloo! Another fabulous launch party was attended on saturday - this time it was Atmosphere, an exhibition featuring Fremantle-based designers' work as both fashion and art. A runway show that weaves through the crowd around installations made by the designers? Too cool. (And definitely not like anything I've had the chance to photograph before. I can't put into words how much I'm loving the experience that the Fashion Festival has been.)

Atmosphere features the work of Ashe, Batchelor, Chinky Wooster, Cocoon Textiles, Kartique, Leah Tarlo, Loop, Love in Tokyo, Megan Salmon, She Seldom Blushes and Totomoto. It's at Victoria Hall on High St in Fremantle and runs until wednesday, open 11 am to 4 pm. Definitely do not miss out! Yes, THAT IS A COMMAND. (More info here.)

Photos of some of the pretty folk who attended can be seen here.

Lisa xx

10 September 2010


The lovely people behind On William launched their pop-up shop Popsicle! on wednesday with a party that was pretty freaking fun. Drinks, music, origami boats, nautically-dressed waiters and too many cool people for words. The shop is open daily at PICA from 10 am to 5 pm until the 15th of September and more info can be found here.

Lisa xx

08 September 2010

Beyond Garment

OH HEY YOU GUYS. So um, not going to lie, things have been increasingly heading towards the awesome for lil' ol' hug-sized. Perth Fashion Festival is happening right now and I've been incredibly lucky to get media accreditation for a couple events.

Last saturday afternoon was spent at the Beyond Garment Seminar at the Maritime Museum in Fremantle. And it was really, really interesting. All about the interconnecting relationship of fashion and art, what separates and defines them, as well as the business side of designing independently. Gotta be honest, kiiiind of made me want to go study fashion at uni. Or start a business of some sort. (Probably should stick to blogging, yeah...)

If there's one thing that stuck with me, though, it's the fact that local designers work SO hard and yet often get little support. Be this because they have a lack of funds or marketing strategy, can't compete with the commercial market or because, well, this is Perth. (Designing in the most isolated city in the world can't be an easy feat.)

So I've decided I'm going to feature a lot more independent designers, local and international. And what better way to start than with the Perth Fashion Festival? You are correct, there is no better way. Yay!

Here are a few photos taken at the Beyond Garment Exhibition...

(top to bottom) Antipodium / Sophie Kyron / Louise Snook / Maggie Baxter / Leah Tarlo / Kirsten Hudson / Eunjeong Jeen / Vashti

If you find yourself in Fremantle head over to the museum and check it out (and if you don't - go there anyway!) It's a stunning exhibition, absolutely worth it. (And it's free! Yeah!)

And stay tuned - tonight I attended the Popsicle Launch Party and it was freaking FUN. Tons of cool photos to surface very soon.

Lisa xx