28 April 2013

costume designin': reckless

Remember not suuuuper long ago I posted Reckless by San Cisco, a music video I costume designed? Featuring some beautiful locations, a pack of good-looking actors and the chance to dress the hippest love triangle in the state (not a bad bit of work, let me tell you)? I thought I'd give you a closer look and share a few of my favourite photos from the shoot...

Full behind-the-scenes gallery can be seen here, and the video itself here.

Lisa xx

21 April 2013

ruffle happy

Warning: this is a VERY happy post. I have a new camera in my mitts, you see. Please see below for examples of said happiness...

vintage dress / op shopped heels / Sportsgirl earrings

Feels so good to have a camera again, man. And of course the first set of photos I take are myself dancing like a dork. Obviously. Fun fact! The third photo is actually me falling down. It's disconcerting how similar photos of me dancing and photos of me falling over look.

So I wore this get up to see Cirque du Soleil's Ovo last weekend. (In a very what-is-my-life moment I managed to score a VIP ticket to the opening - open bar, fab food and Perthonality-spotting, that's a sick life I could get used to.) And the show itself was just stunning. If you dig a night of marvelling at the creativity and power of the human body, I defs recommend a visit.

And shout out to my pal Michael for the dress! New fave, fo sho.

Lisa xx

01 April 2013

chin up

Photo taken from The Something Fine Project march last year

Oh yikes. So last weekend was an excellent one, that ended very, very, very poorly. Some appalling human took it upon herself to steal all my camera gear while I was at an event late sunday afternoon. It's devastating, I'm completely heartbroken and frankly, I feel like I'm missing a limb.

Because it wasn't just some expensive equipment, you know? (Though someone taking something of considerable monetary value does of course sting more than a little.) It hurts because my camera gear represented a pretty sizeable portion of my life. It was stuff I used basically every day - for work, for this here blog, for documenting or for general experimenting and playing around. And it was stuff I used to express myself. To express things for other people. To capture moments and objects and events, whether of great significance or great silliness. Every creative person has their outlet, and it's never going to feel pleasant to have that outlet figuratively spat upon by some wankhead.

But shitty things happen, hey. We can't let someone else's sucky life decisions and lack of conscience get us down and stop us from creating and being productive.

So I've let myself wallow for a week or so but now I'm back in the game. I'm currently reassessing my camera needs, researching the shit out of equipment and planning to replace at least the body and one lens within the next week. (Which, despite the circumstances, is pretty exciting.)

My chin is up. I've got a million more photos to take.

Lisa xx