26 November 2009


Oh hey. Didn't see you there. What's that you asked? How did I spend my weekend? Well I'll tell you how. I spent my saturday morning at a totally bitchin' antique fair. Damn straight. Just check out all this fully sick gear I got.

Five days until summer - I don't think I can deny it's going to start getting very warm very soon. Solution: summerise accessories. (Yes, it's a word. I know because I made it up.) Example: scarves can be an all-seasons accessory! Take this faux-silk scarf. Isn't it pretty? Kind of sailor-y.

My mum says these earrings look like golfballs. I think they're more like snowballs. Whatever. THEY FRAME MY FACE, OKAY MUM?

I'm going to wear this ring and pretend it's an ancient family heirloom that's been passed down through dozens of generations of witches and clairvoyants and has magical properties. Or something.

Lisa xx

20 November 2009

Who took the bump?

(Because Deceptacon by Le Tigre is one of my favourite songs ever and I danced all crazy-like to it while getting dressed today. Hey... is that a... connection? Between the title of a post and its content? Hey there, growth.)

I bought this skirt a few years back when 'bohemian' was all the rage and I don't think it was ever worn to its full potential. Clearly I am much more wise and sagacious now (isn't that the best word ever? I love my thesaurus widget).

A lot of favourites in this outfit: my favourite skirt to twirl in, my favourite shirt, my favourite belt and my favourite heels to do stuff in (they are beyond ridiculously comfortable - I've sprinted to catch trains and drunkenly scrambled around playgrounds in these babies with not a single sore foot the next day - MAGIC).

Skirt by Blockout
Top by Glassons
Belt by Jeanswest
Heels by Innui

Lisa xx

19 November 2009

Connect the dots

(Title result of what I want to do to the mosquito bites covering my legs and thus, as all of my titles seem to be, completely irrelevant to the rest of the post. Consistency!)

A couple of weeks ago my hairdresser proved to be worth every penny I pay her by giving me this goooorgeous ring. The extra 'o's are because I love it just so gosh darn much.

Logic: I like rings. I like roses. I like black. I like chunky (accessories. Don't get too carried away, there.)

It even fits, too! Do you know how hard it is to find a one-size-fits-all ring that actually fits? Do you? I do! And so this marvelous gift earns a post all to its little self. Because it's pretty and I become too attached to inanimate objects, specifically ones I can wear. Weee! (Besides, I can't help it if my hairdresser is wonderful and generous and obviously has terrible taste because she didn't keep it herself.)

Lisa xx

08 November 2009

B B B Benny hit his head

Because I'm currently obsessing over Ben Folds as I write this. And I'll be obsessing over him every moment ever after I finish writing this too. I love the way he sings 'oh my god' and 'oh-oh oh-oh' and, well, everything...

Sooo for the past week or so everything I've been wearing has been slightly dark, edgy, let's face it - diabolical. While ordinarily that is TOTALLY okay with me today I felt like being a little bit hippy/ gypsy/ happy-go-whatever. Summer is coming, gotta embrace it.

BTDubs this is currently the most summery dress I own and it doesn't even fit me properly. Gots to get my shopping on, homes.

Also I lurve this vest so get ready to see it a LOT in the coming months.

Dress by Reverse
Vest by Kookaï
Bracelets both gifts

Lisa xx

07 November 2009

Strict no-ruffles policy

Because She's the Man is on tv and that line came up right as I was trying to think of a title. So yeah.

I'd totally forgotten about this cropped cardigan until today (and I actually like it now a lot more than I used to) and I thought it'd make the perfect geeky and slightly weird cherry on top of an otherwise plain outfit.

Though (unusually) I was actually not in a very geeky and slightly weird mood today. It's my first day having finished uni for the year (WOW. I can't believe I'm done with my first year of uni... just wow... how mature must I be??) and so I slept in (I'd almost forgotten how to do this), made cupcakes and then went for an intense and refreshing run. Mmm... I love summer break already. Even more so because just about everyone else I know at uni still has exams for the next couple weeks. MWAH HA HA.

And oh! Exciting! I now have two job interviews lined up next week, both for clothes shops. GET READY TO BE AMAZED, FASHION (RETAIL) WORLD. You have been warned.

Second-hand shirt (sleeves cut off with me)
Shorts by Cotton On
Cropped cardigan by Valley Girl
Scarf (worn as headband) so old I can't for the life of me remember where it came from
Rings both gifts
Brooch from (I think) Diva

Lisa xx

06 November 2009


Here's what's inspiring me at the moment... 'cause it can't all be about me, you know? (Yeah, I'm only saying that so I don't seem like a self-involved narcissist. Oh yes, it's totally working.) But seriously, I can't take credit for, like, anything I do. Seriously. It's all inspired by other amazing people. Yup.

Ce Voyage Sombre by the Cherry Blossom Girl. For goshness sake, Alix can actually do no wrong. Woman is a goddess. A French goddess. A beautiful French goddess of whom I'm totally jealous.

This Kai-Aakmann keyhole drape sweater (via Jazzi McG). Ohhh I want this so very badly.

Garance Doré - always.

Alicia from Sea of Ghosts hitting heads of nails.

Slanelle - just amazing, amazing style.

Isn't the internet and all its inhabitants wonderrrrful???

It's all a bit dark and mysterious which is a little strange considering the weather's heading into summer but meh, my brain don't work in conventional ways, yo.

Lisa xx

04 November 2009

Best sunglasses in the world

Oh yeah. Your eyes aren't broken. These sunnies are real. I bought them from Factorie a couple weeks ago so I could photograph them to be part of a design assignment but I'm pretty certain I'm going to end up wearing them all day, every day, forever. Because they are just that rad and the perfect amount of tacky and I love them. $10 well spent, yes?

Lisa xx

03 November 2009


Title inspired by that episode of Glee where Sue said 'outstanding' and it was the best anyone's ever uttered those words that I almost screamed. Y'all know what I mean, right? Right. She is totes my idol.

So while everyone else today was dressing up and gettin' fancy, I thought I'd keep it pretty casual. That and I wasn't invited to any cup day luncheons (pffft). And I had to trek out to uni to hand in an assignment and didn't really feel like doing it in heels with a fascinator. Not that I'd ever, ever wear a fascinator.

Ahh there's a great story behind these shorts - I didn't get charged for them. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Well it's a great story for me, whatever.

Singlet by Supré
Shorts by Billabong
Second-hand shirt
Necklace by Jeanswest
Rings gift from a friend
Belt by Cotton On

Lisa xx

01 November 2009

I'm a cuckoo

Title inspired by that one Belle and Sebastian song I know. Yoo check my indie cred. It is a rad song though. It was my happy dance song on friday after I handed in a couple of major assignments for uni. ANYWAY FASHION TIMEZ.

I love this outfit! I've been wanting to try Faboo's DIY ribcage shirt guide thing for ages so when my brother was about to throw out this old shirt, I grabbed opportunity by the scissors and marking chalk. And so now I'm on a total DIY kick. As soon as I've finished all my uni assignments I'm going to trawl the internet for everything DIY-able. I might even visit Ikea. I hear you get to make all the furniture yourself and it's totally easy.

So I don't know about youuu but I consider this a success. Too many times I've been allowed a pair of scissors and it's gone terribly, terribly wrong. Yes I'm talking about you, thirteen-year-old self who tried to cut my own side fringe, BIG MISTAKE. (Another mistake: trying to switch between second, third and first person in one sentence.)

Also note the short sleeves!??!!! SUMMER'S A-COMING, PEOPLE. Yeeeee!!

Dress by Quirky Blu
Second-hand shirt, cut up by me
Tights by Kookaï
Belt by Jeanswest

Lisa xx