19 November 2009

Connect the dots

(Title result of what I want to do to the mosquito bites covering my legs and thus, as all of my titles seem to be, completely irrelevant to the rest of the post. Consistency!)

A couple of weeks ago my hairdresser proved to be worth every penny I pay her by giving me this goooorgeous ring. The extra 'o's are because I love it just so gosh darn much.

Logic: I like rings. I like roses. I like black. I like chunky (accessories. Don't get too carried away, there.)

It even fits, too! Do you know how hard it is to find a one-size-fits-all ring that actually fits? Do you? I do! And so this marvelous gift earns a post all to its little self. Because it's pretty and I become too attached to inanimate objects, specifically ones I can wear. Weee! (Besides, I can't help it if my hairdresser is wonderful and generous and obviously has terrible taste because she didn't keep it herself.)

Lisa xx


  1. ahhh i love that ring! and i never know my ring size, it's so frustrating.

    (and i always want to connect my bug bites too haha)

    - jen

  2. Such a pretty ring! Thank you so much for your votes, they mean the world to me. x

  3. Haha thanks Jen!

    And absolutely no problem Alicia, your blog is one of my favourites :)