20 November 2009

Who took the bump?

(Because Deceptacon by Le Tigre is one of my favourite songs ever and I danced all crazy-like to it while getting dressed today. Hey... is that a... connection? Between the title of a post and its content? Hey there, growth.)

I bought this skirt a few years back when 'bohemian' was all the rage and I don't think it was ever worn to its full potential. Clearly I am much more wise and sagacious now (isn't that the best word ever? I love my thesaurus widget).

A lot of favourites in this outfit: my favourite skirt to twirl in, my favourite shirt, my favourite belt and my favourite heels to do stuff in (they are beyond ridiculously comfortable - I've sprinted to catch trains and drunkenly scrambled around playgrounds in these babies with not a single sore foot the next day - MAGIC).

Skirt by Blockout
Top by Glassons
Belt by Jeanswest
Heels by Innui

Lisa xx


  1. such a gorgeous skirt. i love this look!

    - jen