01 November 2009

I'm a cuckoo

Title inspired by that one Belle and Sebastian song I know. Yoo check my indie cred. It is a rad song though. It was my happy dance song on friday after I handed in a couple of major assignments for uni. ANYWAY FASHION TIMEZ.

I love this outfit! I've been wanting to try Faboo's DIY ribcage shirt guide thing for ages so when my brother was about to throw out this old shirt, I grabbed opportunity by the scissors and marking chalk. And so now I'm on a total DIY kick. As soon as I've finished all my uni assignments I'm going to trawl the internet for everything DIY-able. I might even visit Ikea. I hear you get to make all the furniture yourself and it's totally easy.

So I don't know about youuu but I consider this a success. Too many times I've been allowed a pair of scissors and it's gone terribly, terribly wrong. Yes I'm talking about you, thirteen-year-old self who tried to cut my own side fringe, BIG MISTAKE. (Another mistake: trying to switch between second, third and first person in one sentence.)

Also note the short sleeves!??!!! SUMMER'S A-COMING, PEOPLE. Yeeeee!!

Dress by Quirky Blu
Second-hand shirt, cut up by me
Tights by Kookaï
Belt by Jeanswest

Lisa xx


  1. wow. this is awwwsome. You seem very creative. And its summer over where you are but over here its going to turn winter. Lucky you.


  2. Thank you!
    Haha yes as you can see I'm very excited for summer :)

  3. i love belle and sebastian, and i love the job you did with that ribcage shirt. it looks awesome! :)

    - jen