08 November 2009

B B B Benny hit his head

Because I'm currently obsessing over Ben Folds as I write this. And I'll be obsessing over him every moment ever after I finish writing this too. I love the way he sings 'oh my god' and 'oh-oh oh-oh' and, well, everything...

Sooo for the past week or so everything I've been wearing has been slightly dark, edgy, let's face it - diabolical. While ordinarily that is TOTALLY okay with me today I felt like being a little bit hippy/ gypsy/ happy-go-whatever. Summer is coming, gotta embrace it.

BTDubs this is currently the most summery dress I own and it doesn't even fit me properly. Gots to get my shopping on, homes.

Also I lurve this vest so get ready to see it a LOT in the coming months.

Dress by Reverse
Vest by Kookaï
Bracelets both gifts

Lisa xx


  1. Great dress!!! and oh to be carefree and barefooted.... :)

  2. Thanks! It's taken a while to grow on me but I really really like it now. Carefree and barefootedness = two of my favourite things about summer :)